#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 30: Kitay Learns The Hard Way

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The project fame academy has come to be known for its strict adherence to rules and intolerance of indiscipline which has helped to make everyone that has passed through the it better than they came in.

The #ProjectFame9.0 is no different as the faculty members try the best they can to make the contestants better musically, while also making them become more responsible, and inculcate self-discipline with the right attitude.

Indiscipline is one thing the faculty members never condone and Kitay found this out the hard way.

Kitay admitted to disrespecting the voice coach, Ms Lovette Otegbola and he payed the price for his attitude by being exempted from the trip to The Beat FM 99.9 to solicit for votes.

The day’s activities for the contestants began with a visit to The Beat 99.9 FM for an interview and of course, to solicit for votes.

The contestants gave their all as they sang the songs that they did at the last gala night that necessitated the judges putting them on probation.

After entertaining listeners with their lovely voices, the contestants went on to plead for votes from listeners as this is the easiest way to remain in the academy.

As the contestants got back into the academy, Uncle Ben had strong words for Kitay and also told him he will not be participating in the group song.

Furthermore, Uncle Ben was also disappointed in the contestants who seemed not to have mastered the group songs they would be performing during the upcoming Gala nights.

He first sent Winner and Eli out of his class for not knowing the lyrics to the group songs.

He later called them back but not before telling all the contestants to smoothen out the rough edges before the next class.

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