#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 26: Lessons On Productivity

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Academy day 26 in the #ProjectFame9.0 house had the contestants learning all about productivity from none other than a productivity coach in the person of Mrs Abisola Longe.

She commenced her class by asking what was the most enjoyable experience in life, to which she said was dancing. She said Michael Jackson was a good dancer who instead of deriving pleasure from the experience lived most of his life in pain.

Mrs Longe told the contestants that the flip side of the glitz and glamour of entertainment could be tortuous and painful. She gave the contestants five tips that are critical to being productive. Having a dream, Designing your dream life, attitude, setting goals and discipline.

She encouraged the contestants to do a SWOT analysis which is an acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. In her words, “The journey of self-discovery is a lifelong journey” which she said in response to a question from one of the contestants on how a person can fully understand his potentials and tendencies.

She went into detailed analysis of the five tips and the contestants were glad to have her in the house as they got proper knowledge and schooling on the intricacies of productivity.

Mrs Abisola Longe’s class also touched on other critical areas which included employability skills, goal setting and work-life balance before she answered questions bothering on a lot of the areas she thought them.

After the enlightening and learning session with the productivity coach, the contestants also had rehearsals with the vocal coach, Ms. Ige to put finishing touches to their performances before the Nomination show.

She enjoined the contestants to learn and remember their lyrics and she advised that the best way to do this is to master the melodies of their songs. She also told them that the fact that they will be singing Rock songs doesn’t mean that their musical not should be scattered.

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