#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 25: Mummy J Shows Her Other Side

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Academy Day 25 in the #ProjectFame9.0 house was yet another day this week when the contestants saw the stern side of members of the faculty. The day was one filled with activities which ranged from exhaustive training lessons from the choreography coach Ms. Lovette and a special unwinding session which the contestants used to celebrate one of their own.

After the stern measures Uncle Ben and Ms.Ige took a few days back, the contestants continued to be taught lessons in discipline and keeping to time.
This time around it was Mummy J who taught the contestants the importance of respecting authority and staying disciplined irrespective of how loving and gentle she may be.

As she arrived for her class, she noticed that four of the contestants were not available. This prompted her to walk down to their room to find out what the problem was. She was shocked to find them still preparing.

She thereafter ordered the four contestants who were not in the class when she arrived out of her class. The contestants tried to plead with her as they could not believe that their sweet Mummy J could be that stern but she was having none of it as she stood her ground.

She went on straight to trust exercises and ways in which the contestants can connect with the audience. The tips Mummy J gave during the course of her class can come in handy during public speaking. Looking in between the eyebrows and below the eyes of the audience has similar effects as looking at them straight in the eyes.

The four contestants came out to apologise to Mummy J for not being in her class before her arrival. The ladies gave the excuse of helping the birthday girl, Winner with her makeup as the reason for not being around when she got in. She forgave the contestants and wished Winner a happy Birthday.

Ms. Lovette also took the contestants through a performance session. The budding stars spent the rest of the day celebrating Winner’s birthday with a mini party.

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