#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 23: Tears, Tears, Tears

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The #ProjectFame9.0 like previous editions of the project fame west Africa show is one that has become a mixture of sadness, joy and happiness.

The roller coaster of emotions is surely expected from a show of this caliber as contestants build bonds which can be severed when least expected.

This was however not the case on academy day 23 as the contestants were encouraged to reach into the deepest part of their emotions by the vocal coach, Ms. Ige during her class.

Ms. Ige’s class which has come to be known for its therapeutic sessions saw some of the contestants expressing their emotions in a different way. Tears appeared to flow freely down the eyes of a number of the contestants during the therapeutic session.

Blessing, Mirabel, Elizabeth and some others could not hold back their emotions during Ms. Ige’s class and the emotions flowed into Uncle Ben’s class who joined Ms. Ige.

Ms. Ige was still present as the tears also flowed into Uncle Ben’s class. He had sent Gabriel, Yusuph and Eli out of the class for not knowing the lyrics to the song they were to perform by the weekend but Eli appeared to have made a side remark of not knowing why ‘he was sacked from Uncle Ben’s class’.

Uncle Ben made it known to him that he had flouted a rule he gave at the beginning of their time in the academy were he told them to learn and master their lyrics within 24 hours.

Eli was subsequently berated by Uncle Ben, and this brought him to tears. Yusuph and Pere tried to console him thereafter with soothing words.

The two faculty members rounded up the class by telling the contestants that it took more than a fantastic voice to be a well rounded singer.

The contestants were sober after the class of Uncle Ben and Ms. Ige but they picked themselves up during Ms. Lovette’s class which was based on improving their stage performance.

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