#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 18: Contestants Open Up

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As the days go by in the #ProjectFame9.0 academy and the contestants bond with themselves and members of the faculty, it has become easier for them to open up and share their experiences.

Activities of academy day 18 kicked off with Mummy J’s class which has always been known for stimulating the contestants to think deeply and share their experiences before they got into the academy.

The day’s class began with Mummy J asking the contestants to share the experiences they have gained overtime during stage performances before they embarked on a journey into the #ProjectFame9.0 academy.

Some of the contestants had their first experience performing in front of a crowd in the university, with some bringing up the fact that they are not able to get the crowd to sing along and enjoy the performance as much as they would have loved.

Another good number of the contestants had their first berth at stage performances through the church were some learned to play musical instruments and horn their stagecraft skills.

Mummy J told the contestants that they should not be overly worried if the crowd they are performing are not into their act but should instead concentrate on the ones that are following them.

She also said they should concentrate on entertaining the crowd.
She told them that the nature of the competition was that people will go home but it beckons on the contestants not to make it easy for the judges and audience to make that decision.

Uncle Ben’s class followed and he grilled the contestants on how to make their performance believable. He made Kitay leave the class because he seemed to be distracting Elizabeth.

He advised the contestants that having a good and positive attitude is important irrespective of the talent they may have.

Ms. Ige’s class was next and she told the contestants not to take their morning exercises for granted as that will help them improve their stamina.

At the end of the day’s class, it appears all the contestants have improved markedly and grasped all it took to deliver a good performance on the African contemporary hit song.

The elimination and nomination night will definitely be explosive especially with the thought of Elimination on the minds of the contestants on probation.

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