#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 14: New Captain Emerges

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The day preceding the nomination night in #ProjectFame9.0 usually comes with a different dimension as the contestants reflect on the pros and cons of their performances and how they could have been better.

The contestants warmly welcomed Benjamin and Blessing who came into the academy through the wild card slots even though they all knew they were going to face challenges from the new entrants.

Academy Day 14 in #ProjectFame9.0 had the contestants exchanging their thoughts on how they felt during the previous night’s performances. Those that were put on probation were particularly emotional, as they hoped to do better.

As is tradition in Project Fame West Africa, a new academy captain is elected every week to help pilot the activities of the house and the job for electing a new leader usually falls on the previous week’s captain.

Oluchi, the house leader for last week set the ball rolling for the election of a new leader. The process she chose was quite different from what has been the norm in the 2 weeks the contestants had spent in the #ProjectFame9.0 academy.

All the contestants except her gave convincing reasons why they are no fit for the position of house captain. It was a lot of fun for the contestants as they all gave funny, different and — sometimes lazy — reasons why they couldn’t lead their fellow contestants in the house.

Some of the reasons bordered on being lazy while others were based on lacking in leadership skills. Some all but said being house leader might have an effect on their performances in other areas. At the end of it all, Pere was elected as house captain for the week.

All the contestants on probation also brought an optimistic vibe to the house as they pleaded for votes from viewers in hope that they can remain in the house.



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