#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 10: Contestants Learn More

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The 10th day in the #ProjectFame9.0 academy kicked off with Mummy J’s class. She brought an interesting twist to her class as she put the contestants through a dramatic vocal training session which entailed all the contestants walking round the class saying the words from the songs they would be performing over the weekend.

After all the contestants recited their words simultaneously, Mummy J had the contestants perform different tasks. Some of the contestants were made to recite their lyrics while others were made to talk to each other with the lyrics of the songs. Yusuph and Favour started off the recitation sessions with Mummy J giving plaudits to Favour for her energy.

Yusuph also had to do the lyrics recitation with Oluchi to get the emotional act right. Mummy J told the contestants that the purpose of the class was for them to let go of any inhibitions and release their emotions during performances.

Mummy J closed her session with a tongue rolling exercise which seemed the right way to end the class. Yusuph went on to have a personal conversation with Mummy J telling her he came into the academy with a lot of confidence but that he became intimidated with corrections that came from his fellow contestants. Mummy J told him that he needs to be able to set outside his naturally jovial nature and get into the character of the song. At the end of his chitchat with Mummy J, Yusuph seemed all the better for it.

The contestants in a surprising move sang a Birthday song for Mirabel’s mum who clocked 50. They organised a surprise phone call which seemed to strengthen the bonds between them to the delight of their fellow contestant- Mirabel.

The days class ended with Uncle Ben who, in his usual style, went the extra mile to teach the contestants how to differentiate between their different voices especially their nasal voices.



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