PatricKxxLee Drops ‘Disco Utopia’ Mixtape

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PatricKxxLee Drops ‘Disco Utopia’ – Zambian artist and producer PatricKxxLee, who recently made headlines for producing the acclaimed Don’t Ask Me What Happened EP of Nigerian break-through rapper Milli, is now dropping his tape Disco Utopia.
On the 6-track EP, the Johannesburg-raised PatricKxxLee does what most rappers seem to forget about these days: He’s got something to say. Whether reminiscing about raging nights with his homies from The Cabin that end in debauchery (“Dark Paradise”), sharing revengeful and reflective post-break up thoughts (“Vainglorious”), ranting about fake people and friends with wrong priorities (“Wax Face”), describing a seedy state of being and the desire for escapism (“Dirty Dancing”), or suffering from the restlessness that comes with wanting to leave familiar territory and everything else behind (“Anywhere But Here”), Disco Utopia is first and foremost honest, and secondly damn wild.
The EP ends with “April 5, 1994”, in which PatricKxxLee pays homage to Kurt Cobain, one of his oldest influences – not only in terms of sound.
On Disco Utopia, PatricKxxLee shows off his cinematic and complex style of production, featuring trappy, synth-heavy and textured dark beats most often associated with Cloud Rap, where some tracks are smooth, vibey and atmospheric, and others straight up banging.
If nothing else, one thing is crystal clear: PatricKxxLee is certainly one to watch in 2016.  Listen to Disco Utopia below.
PatricKxxLee Drops 'Disco Utopia'
PatricKxxLee Drops ‘Disco Utopia’



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