Patoranking Reveals Inspiration Behind Album Title

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Patoranking Reveals Inspiration Behind Album Title – Star singer Patoranking recently spoke to journalists in a media parley following the release of his debut album.

The session held at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, and the Alubarika singer answered a bunch of questions, including why he named his album, God Over Everything.

Patoranking disclosed that his strong belief in the power of God largely influenced the choice of the title. He shared, “I want people to know that amidst having fun, love and the rest, God still comes first, hence the choice of the name, God Over Everything. The album is about love, God , my life ,where I come from and where I am headed.”

He added that he makes music that everybody can relate to and this also influences his choice of collaborations, and that he encountered a lot of challenges trying to release the album.

See photos from the media parley below!

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