Paddling With Kobi Jonz: The New School Wavy Lyricist

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Okobi Daniel, also known as “Kobi Jonz” is a young talented rapper and lyricist from the South-South region of Nigeria, particularly Asaba in Delta State. The graduate of Strategic Studies from Covenant University is a versatile creative Artiste whose skills is more on maneuvering genres to create what he calls “Wavy Sounds (feel good music)”. Kobi Jonz is currently signed to a record company called Martial Records.

As I will be doing from time to time, I interviewed Kobi Jonz on his career choice in music, his label and management, his foresight into the future and his perspective on the Nigerian Music Industry.


The Confeedant: Who is Kobi Jonz and Who is Okobi Daniel?

Kobi Jonz: The name Kobi jonz came from my surname ‘Okobi and a word that I love so much ‘Jones’

which means a very strong desire to love addiction or a craving. Kobi jonz therefore means Love Okobi.  My aim is to elicit such strong desire, love, addiction or craving for my Brand and style of music

The Confeedant: Is “kobi Jonz: trademarked and what do you intend to do with the trademark?

Kobi Jonz : The reasons for trademarks is to prevent infringement on a certain brand or product by other similar entities in the same line of business. So yes Kobi jonz is trademarked, thanks to my lawyers at legal byte who helped me with the insight and stressed the necessity to have my name trademarked.

I believe trademark is part of the early important steps in developing a long lasting brand. I plan to make a positive impact with my conscious music and matters that relate to entertainment, inspire my generation and the ones to come; you know ‘give hope’

The Confeedant: Why music and how has your education as a strategist affected your music?

Kobi Jonz: As a strategist I know better than to make music without the consciousness of a target audience. Education plays a great influence in my choice of words and concepts for my lyrics as I always aim to pass a message, however subtle to my target audience.  Like one of my Mentors would say, “if you are given a voice to talk to kids and people in general and they listen, then you ought to have something good to say that can lift their mood, or point them in a direction of inspiration”.

Label and Management

The Confeedant: We know you are signed to Martial Records. What is the experience being signed like?

Kobi Jonz: Ok, for me it’s a blessing. Being signed takes away the burden of funds for promotion, recording session fees; it gives room for you to maximize your creativity. One thing I don’t forget is that because I got signed doesn’t mean It stops the hustle.

The Confeedant: What is the label structure like and how has that made a difference for you and do you have your own team?

Kobi Jonz: Martial record is a peculiar record company; they are keen on content, positive and intellectual material with unique sounding beats. Its ok to dance but its even better to dance to good message filled music. Which ties well with my own aspirations to make conscious music.  So I feel blessed to have been chosen by Martial Records.

Yeah, I have my own team, my producer- @StGthaprodigy, dj- dj blinky, video-director -tyla, my photographer, my manager and a bunch of other administrative staff. I have a complete and promising team who are eager to make a difference in this music industry.

The Confeedant: Is there any sort of pressure from the expectations of the label as regards your creative flow?

Kobi Jonz: Lol. Of course there is pressure. My brand is an investment and you have to push to bring out the best and generate returns. Its fine by me, keeps me on my toes though the label’s focus is also on originality and creativity which as most should know is not rushed.  I just feel comfortable here.

The Confeedant: What is the funding like and do you think it can take your career to its height?

Kobi Jonz: Funding is great. The label has adequate fund at its disposal and does not shy away from going for the best in the industry to achieve set objectives which I believe would aid any upcoming artist to reach their full potential.

The Confeedant: Your new music “Paddle” featuring Falz, how did that happen?

After “Paddle”, what is next?

Paddle came as a freestyle inspiration. I was just out hanging in the studio with a producer friend of mine HOD and he was playing a couple of beats but when he played that particular instrumental, I just caught the vibe and we made it work and Paddle came to life.

Getting Falz thebahdguy was also another surprise for me because my producer @StGthaprodigy and I went to see Falz for business not pertaining to music and we happened to play the song for him to get a professional and celebrity point of view and he said ‘ are you the only one on the song? I said ‘boss if na wetin you mean, it makes sense o’. lol. We sent him the record; he killed it and sent it back. The rest is history Thank you Falz.

The Music Industry

The Confeedant: Which Nigerian Artistes inspires you and why?

Kobi Jonz: Fela Kuti – For his creativity and building a complete style/genre of music recognized by the world even after his death and for his consciousness of the struggle of the lay man.

Tu face 2baba for his humility, longevity and really good music

Wizkid – for his youthfulness, but mostly for the way he is transcending space and time with his brand of music and building a global brand.

Falz – His ingenuity is unprecedented in the industry.  What is not to like about that.

and Kiss Daniel – one of the New age artist that are making really good music.

I take my inspirations from all around too many to name but these are most prominent.

The Confeedant: How is the Music industry business-wise in your perspective?

Kobi Jonz:  Like in any industry, there must be a product to sell. Once the product is good enough, promote it and I believe it would yield. The music industry has been placing Nigeria on the global map in recent times.  I believe in the near future we would become a relevant economy motivator for Nigeria. our best is yet to come.  We are a unique breed and we are coming. Wake them up!

The Confeedant: Any words to New Cats out there?

Kobi Jonz:I’m also a new cat but since I was asked, Believe in yourself, in what you do and pray, always pray.

Thank you 360nobs for having me. Don’t forget to take a dive and paddle!

Its Kobi Jonz . Wake them up they are sleeping!

The Confeedant

The Confeedant

The Confeedant is a Legal Practitioner at Technolawgical Partners (LegalByte); a boutique law firm with keen interest and focus on Entertainment, Creative, Technology and Cyberspace. He is also a serial entrepreneur and investor in start-ups which involves Fashion, Tech-health, creative branding and social enterprise. Currently studying Internet law, Telecoms and Policy at the University of Strathclyde, he is a trustee at The Sarz Academy Foundation and also manages legal cum business development at the Mobile Apps division of TECNO Mobile. A failed rapper and model, Iredumare is a lover of aesthetics, women and constructive conversations

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