Nothing Like Kannywood Or Yoruwood, Nollywood Is Nollywood – Fathia Balogun

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Nollywood actress, Fathia Balogun expressed her notion regarding the citizens of Kano State in Nigeria rejecting a planned Film Village in the State; and the segregation that belies the Nigerian movie industry.

Fathia’s interview with Pulse TV was published on Youtube on Thursday, August 25, where the actress addressed certain segregating terminologies such as “Yoruwood, Kannywood and Nollywood” which are often used by members of the Nigerian movie industry and the general public.

According to her, there’s nothing like Yoruwood or Kannywood – the Yoruba and Hausa derivatives respectively of the Nigerian movie industry dubbed “Nollywood.”

“Nollywood is Nollywood,” she stated.

Ms Balogun shared that there was also nothing like “Yoruwood” actress or separation between Igbo, English or Hausa actresses.

“Actress is actress,” said Fathia.

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fathia balogun
Fathia Balogun

In the video, she declared that the refusal by the people of Kano State for the Kano Film Village idea which spurned from the Nigerian Federal Government, was proof the people of the state weren’t ready to advance to the next stage.

As far as she was concerned, despite it being rejected in one state, there were other states that could utilize the Film Village.

She said the Federal Government can set up one Film Village anywhere as it doesn’t have to be relegated to just in Kano State.

Fathia added there was only one village in America, though she wasn’t sure. We checked on Google and there was no proof of any term with the words “American Film Village.”

Hashtags such as #FilmVillage or #ImmoralityVillage and #WeSayNoToFilmVillageInKano had trended past July after news that the Federal Government of Nigeria had set aside the sum of N3billion for the construction of the Muhammadu Buhari Film Village.

The location of the Film Village was chosen to be at Kofa, in Bebeji local government area of Kano State.

The Film Village would have provided over 10,000 jobs in the State but it was rejected on grounds of “immorality.”

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Watch the full interview here:

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