It’s Not By Size! Cat Attacks Seven Pit Bulls And Inflicts Feline Scars

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cat vs pit bull

A cat, named Baby, was defensive at the sight of seven pit bulls that she reacted viciously and attacked all of them at once. 

Kyla Grover, who was with the walking group called Pit Bulls of Victoria B.C., said, “The dogs were walking by, completely minding their own business. The cat just goes at all of the dogs, not backing down.”

“The cat is swiping at them and latched onto one of the dog’s faces,” Grover stated. “I got bit and scratched in the process of trying to separate them. I spent the whole night at emergency because cat bites are nasty.”

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One of Ms. Grover’s pit bulls named Belinda had to get medical treatment after receiving feline scratches to her face, while Grover visited the emergency room to be treated for feline bites.

“The vet hospital thought it was a raccoon that attacked her,” Grover said. “She’s on antibiotics.”

She added, “That’s not normal for a cat, cats are pretty skittish, especially when there’s seven dogs there. Pit bulls are just like any other dog. They’re great family pets and they didn’t stand up for themselves at all, even when a cat was attacking them.”

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Del Thompson, Baby’s owner, told Vancouver Sun he was gardening when he noticed the group walk past with their seven dogs. When one of the animals which appeared to be friendly attempted to approach him, Baby leapt to his defense.

Del said, “She’s kind of a slow sort of thinking cat, but one thing is she is very protective of me. She’s a watchdog and doesn’t know it. Cats and dogs don’t get along too well sometimes.”

Thompson’s wife said she did warn the group of women there was a cat nearby.

As the saying goes, “It’s not always by size”.

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