Nollywood Producer Chioma Okoye Beaten Over New Movie

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Nollywood actor-cum-producer, Chioma Okoye has declared she is being threatened over her latest movie production, “Lagos Men.”

The actress’ dilemma began when a woman approached her in confidence to narrate her story on how her husband was sleeping with their daughter and obliged her to use the story to make a movie only for her to change her mind and come after the actress.

In her words:

About two years ago, a friend of mine came to visit me in my house. During her visit, the lady that attacked me called that my friend and asked where she was. My friend told her that she was in my house at Ikeja and the person offered to come to my house because she wanted to see her friend urgently. When the woman got to my house and saw me, she recognized me from some of my movies and was very warm to me. She even said that I am prettier in real life.

Shortly after, we began talking and she narrated the story of her life to me. She said that her husband sleeps with their daughter and she would want me to use her story to make a movie. I agreed but asked if she had tried all she could to stop her husband from sleeping with her daughter and she said she had tried everything. I told her I was going to work on it.

Years have gone by, the movie is ready and I have been working on my online channel, only for the woman to show up on my doorstep on Saturday. She knocked on my door without prior notice and I opened the door for her as I live alone and I have no neighbor. I tried to recollect where we had met because we are not friends; we only have a mutual friend.

While I was still trying to figure out where I met her, she burst into my house with three other ladies and they began to ransack my house asking for my laptop. She told me to remove the movie from my website and asked why I used her husband’s story for a movie. She began to insult me and before I knew it, one of her friends slapped me.

They were four in number and they began to beat me. I live in a very quiet estate where everybody minds their business. Sadly for me, it was a Saturday and most people in my estate had gone out to jog, so it was a right timing for them to attack me. I was wearing a very short dress so it was easy for injuries to be inflicted on me.

She has been calling me and has started threatening my life because the news has been on blogs. She told me that since she has left her husband’s house, she would deal with me. She said that even if it means that she would do ‘juju’ for me, she would, just to deal with me. Then she cut of the phone, I could not call back because the number was hidden.

“I have since reported the case to the police and my lawyers are also working on it. We only met once and she never called me to tell me anything about the movie before she came to attack me. I wonder how she got my number because she is not my friend. The first time we met was about two years ago; we met in 2014.

It was the woman that told me her story and even told me that she was not sure if her husband was sleeping with their daughter for ritual purposes because her husband is very rich. When she came to my house the first time, she brought the latest Range Rover SUV.

I don’t want to die so I had to leave my house. Even rich men in Nigeria with all their security guards still get assassinated so what would happen to someone like me who cannot afford to pay security agents? I have left my house and I am relocating. I have to leave Lagos for a while. I am voicing out because I don’t want to die. I want everybody to hear about it.

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