Nick Young Wants Chris Brown Out Of Their Neighborhood

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NBA star Nick Young believes Chris Brown is just too “hot” right now so he’s begging the singer to get out of their neighborhood before something goes wrong. 

Chris Brown and the LAPD were involved in a 14-hour standoff at his valley home residence in Tarzana, California, after he was accused of pulling a gun at a woman, Baylee Curran, Miss California regional 2016.

LAPD showed up at his home early Tuesday morning, August 30, and the father-of-one shut the door at their faces for intending to search his home without a warrant.

Chris Brown shared during his stand-off, where he complained about being woken up from sleep by choppers and LAPD SWAT Team, “When you get the warrant for whatever you need to do, you’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing, you idiots.”

Nick Young (standing in white tee shirt) and Chris Brown (wearing a black jersey) at a basketball game.
Nick Young (standing in white tee shirt) and Chris Brown (wearing a black jersey) at a basketball game.

You gotta go, mahn

The Lakers shooting guard who lives in the same neighborhood with Brown said on Instagram:

Oh lord, Chris Browm men, you gotta move men, go on, get away from over here.

Please, you making the block hot buddy. You’re my friend and all but you gotta go.

I’ve got squat team and helicopters flying over my head, I’m thinking that’s me.

We only have about five or six black people over here anyway, this nigga had to go fuck it up, the way people looking, men.

They gon take me, you and cut us short. I don’t want to get cut short from over here.

There’s been only two of us over here though at this rate there’s going make it one.

So please, I like you men, you’re my dawg. We go out but we go out away from here.

Go, you know I love you men but peace.

Young got dragged by fans as some called him a sly for throwing Brown under the bus. Others thought he was just excluding himself from the drama.

After LAPD officials showed up at Chris Brown’s home with a warrant, the singer came out of his home.

LA Times reporters, Richard Winton and Brittny Mejia said, “L.A. police officers took Chris Brown into custody late Tuesday afternoon and said the singer would be arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.”

Watch Nick Young’s video here

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