Nick Jonas Turns Down $2 Million Offer From Republicans Over Black Lives Matter

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Nick Jonas was offered two-million dollars N636,500,000 by the Republicans to perform in a thank-you concert, Sunday, July 24, in Cleveland which he turned down because they refused to use a “Black Lives Matter” banner.

The Republic National Convention, RNC, also tried to get Justin Beiber to perform at the convention and even offered him three-million dollars more than Nick but Biebs turned it down for the same reason as Mr Jonas.

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Justin Beiber had requested to put up a “Black Lives Matter” banner and the Republicans refused stating that Beiber’s performance wasn’t political.

nick jonas
Nick Jonas turned down two-million dollars from Donald Trump’s donors

Beiber was also informed he wasn’t allowed to make any remarks on Donald Trump or the GOP, Grand Old Party, also known as Republicans, though he was offered the option to post an “All Lives Matter” banner.

TMZ sources revealed,  Nick Jonas’s two-million dollars offer was to play the gig, and a “private donor” would pay him directly. Probably after being rejected by Beiber.

It added that the GOP-individual who contacted Nick’s people said the event was an “All Lives Matter” event.

Besides the BLM Vs ALM ruckus being a reason to turn down two-million dollars, Jonas already had a  Roc Nation event in NYC lined up.

GOP is called Grand Old Party also known as Republicans which is Donald Trump’s backing party and they detest their oldest rivals, the Democrats.

Beiber and Jonas bid goodbye to millions of dollars.

Well, we are curious to know, “bearing your present financial situation in mind, would you reject or accept two-million dollars if it conflicted with your principles?”

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