Should Naming A Dog After The President Be Regarded As Crime?

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Joe Fortemose, a 30-year-old trader was arrested on Wednesday, August 17, for naming his dog after Nigerian president Muhammad Buhari. 

Fortemose, who lives in Ogun state, revealed he named his close pet, Buhari, out of the love he has for the President.

Fortemose narrated his ordeal on the poor and unjust treatment he received in the hand of the arresting officer who is a Northerner after being reported by a non-Nigerian from Niger Republic.

The Niger-Delta indigene was released after spending three days in prison due to the intervention of both the Serkin Hausa and President-General of non-indigenes in the state.

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Narrating his ordeal after his release, Fortemose said:

“It is annoying because the complainant is from Niger Republic and I am sure he is one of those illegal aliens in this country. He connived with one Police Sergeant from the Northern part of Nigeria called Musa, who works at Sango Police division to humiliate me. Worse still, the Divisional Police Officer there, did not help matters as he refused to entertain any plea from me after I was arrested that Saturday night. He simply ordered his men to throw me into the cell.”

“I did not commit any offence. I named my beloved pet dog Buhari, who is my hero. My admiration for Buhari started far back when he was a military Head of State. It continued till date that he is a civilian President. After reading his dogged fight against corruption, which is like a canker worm eating into the very existence of this country, I solely decided to rename my beloved dog which I called Buhari, after him. I did not know that I was committing an offence for admiring Buhari.

“I was intimidated and thrown inside the cell with hardened criminals for about three days. While I was there, the complainant from Niger Republic and Sergeant Musa from the North kept on taunting me saying people from my part of the country are trouble makers and that after detaining me, they will throw me into prison where I will die unsung.

”Even when my wife came with our baby on her back, they stopped her from giving me food. One of my friends that came to see me was also maltreated.

“While taking me to Eleweran the next day, they handcuffed and chained me together with that my friend. Fortunately, when we got to police headquarters, both the Commissioner of Police and other officers were angry with their colleagues at Sango-Ota.

”They were wondering loudly why I was brought to the headquarters over such a minor case. It’s very unfortunate that I have to be so humiliated in my own country because of the antics of a foreigner in connivance with my brother from the North.”

These act begs the imagination as some might wonder: “Why should a man get arrested for naming his dog “Buhari”?

And even if he had committed a crime, should he receive ill-treatment without undergoing due process of the law?

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