Nadal Expecting US Open Return

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Rafael Nadal Wins Olympic Gold For Spain

Rafael Nadal has stated despite his exploits in the Olympics and exhaustion, he expects to be at the US open.

He won the doubles gold at the Rio games and he also reached the singles semifinals in Rio De Janeiro.

He will take at least one day off before starting to train for the U.S. Open.

“I think I need to recover emotionally, physically,” he said,” and especially, I need to give some rest to the wrist, the arm, to everything.”

It was just his second event since a wrist injury prompted him to withdraw from the French Open mid-tournament. However, the Spaniard did not second-guess his decision to play Cincinnati.

“I didn’t want to be back home,” he said. “I spent enough time at home. I needed to keep practicing, keep playing, and that’s why I am here and that’s why I’m not going to come back to Spain before the U.S. Open.”

The wrist is still not perfect, according to Nadal, but it held up during a week-and-a-half of regular competition.

“The wrist is still the same,” he said. “With more rest, the wrist will not go better. The wrist needs to adapt again to the game; needs to adapt again to hit the ball.”

But despite his layoff, he is confident in his fitness for best-of-five-set matches in Flushing Meadows.

“Worked a lot at home, and I practiced,” said Nadal. “In the Olympics, I played like best of five. Played two matches every day, and [spent] four-and-a-half, five hours on court some days.”

Nadal is No. 5 in the rankings.



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