Mother Of The Chibok Girl In New Boko Haram Propaganda Video Speaks Up

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The mother of the Chibok girl, Dorcas Yakubu, who served as an interpreter for the Boko Haram militants in the latest released propaganda video has opened up on the joy of seeing her daughter for the first time in two years. 

“The Chibok girls must be rescued, they must have their lives, the future that Boko Haram tries to truncate,” Dorcas’ mother said.

Speaking to a Punch correspondent, Mrs Yakubu said, “I wanted her to have the best of education, I planned to sponsor her education to whatever level she wanted, but she could not sit for her final examinations because she was abducted.”

“Boko Haram in the video asked the government to release their members so that they could release our girls. If the government knows that it cannot handle the insurgency, it should invite other countries. It is not a crime to seek assistance in a war. It is a shame for them to allow our daughters to languish in captivity for over two years.”

“I don’t regret sending her to school, but I regret putting her in boarding school. If she was a day student, she would be home with me that night. The abduction affected her because she was in boarding school.”

Dorcas’s mother also admitted to recognizing some of the missing girls.

“I recognized Saratu Ayuba, Awa Ishaiya and others. In that video, Dorcas has grown up a little and she is slimmer. I cried when I saw her in the video. That is only change I observe, but I thank God she is alive.”

Kabu Yakubu, Dorcas’ father, said that for the first time in a long time, he can finally sleep with both eyes closed. He also begged the government to comply with the militants request ad release the Boko Haram detainees in exchange for the girls.

“I will sleep well because since she was kidnapped, I have never seen her in other videos released. But today, I saw her in the video, and my joy was rekindled.”

“What we have been telling the government is what Boko Haram demanded in the video. We are appealing to the government to help us to release Boko Haram detainees so they can release our daughters. In the video, my daughter was begging the government to negotiate with the terrorists and they (Boko Haram) said unless the government releases their members who were being detained in Abuja, Lagos and Maiduguri prisons, they won’t release the girls.”

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