Michael Phelps’ Enstranged Ex-Girlfriend Goes On Lengthy Rant About Him

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Michael Phelps’ ex-girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, has written a lengthy post where she reveals a side of the Olympian that would seem shocking to many.

In the note which was shared on her Facebook, Chandler describes Phelps as a serial cheat who also dated Demi Rose Mawby, the escort girl who was linked to Tyga after he broke up with Kylie Jenner.

While some have consoled with her for being a victim, others opine she’s just ‘victimizing’ herself as she’s an ‘unknown’ and is hating on Micheal Phelps’ success. Many have urged her to move on and stop writing posts or giving interviews describing how much she feels the Olympian hurt her.

Chandler wrote about Michael Phelps’ and his philandering ways:

Cheated on Nicole with Carrie Prejean. That’s why they broke up! Cheated on Ami Desi with Win McMurry. They broke up! Cheated on Demi Rose Mawby with Nicole.

That’s why she posted the d**k pic and tagged Nicole. Then there was a girl from Cali, Canada, the dog walker. They all knew about Nicole and I. Then there are the escorts, stewardesses, waitresses, other swimmers, all in 2014!

I find out about Nicole from a picture taken at a wedding when he was supposed to be on a business trip for Aquasphere doing fittings for the MP line in September.

I didn’t see this picture until he was in rehab. I thought we were good, and together when he left for the Meadows. Do you see a pattern here?

Yet, I’m a liar, a hookup, a mistake. If that were true and you believe the ridiculousness of the football game hookup story why was I with him the night of the DUI?

Why did he not break up with me when he left for rehab? Ask yourself what I had to gain by lying about this when I’d kept our relationship private and referred to him on my social media as my 6’4 Body Heater?

He got a DUI and two people paid the price for it! I have been victim shamed for almost a year and a half, while he is a hero and role model.

I did absolutely nothing wrong, but in defending myself and wanting him to acknowledge the truth I’m a stalker, psycho, evil, abusive, nutcase that won’t let it go! Try walking a mile in my shoes.

Try having your whole life turned upside down and every private, ugly, embarrassing, personal moment made public. I would love to have a life, but the world defines me by him! Now with the Olympics I can’t escape him anywhere I go.

I try to make something of this mess with a book, a film and appearances. I was left little choice once I could no longer interpret because of his actions.

How do you think you promote a story and film based on what I went through with him? You post stories, do interviews, use hashtags.

He has lied to the world about everything that happened surrounding that DUI. He could have very well lied to his family, but they were there when I was there the night of the DUI. He lied to all these women.

This wasn’t a dark period after retirement, this was his life always. Seeing how strong willed and involved his mom is, do you honestly believe living a mile away she allowed him to be in bed 5 days on the brink of suicide? They were there constantly. It’s a manufactured story.

The first two days after the DUI we stayed in bed cut off from the world avoiding the media. Wake up world and stop being blinded by the gold! You have systematically had the wool pulled over your eyes for years!

Stop making me the villain. Ask him the important questions and make him accountable for his actions!

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