MFM Founder Reverend Olukoya: “Don’t Associate With Pastors With No Roots”

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The founder of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church, Reverend Daniel Olukoya has given advice urging people to be aware of fake pastors who display certain tendencies such as, sprouting out of nowhere to claim men of God.

Olukoya, stated at the MFM headquarters in Ogun State that “many fake prophets were on the street, on the television and on radio today.”

He said: “When you see someone from nowhere or someone just appears from nowhere, when you can’t identify the church where he got born again and you cannot even trace his roots to any church, then you should be very, very careful to associate with such a ‘man of God.”

The Reverend continued, “These men are always in suits and they see visions. They speak strange languages that are very uncommon and they called it speaking in tongue, these people are always seen vibrating, while preaching. “The same fake prophets are the same sleeping in hotels with the wives of church members.”

According to Daily Post, the MFM-founder narrated a childless-woman’s ordeal in the hands of one of these men of God.

Rev. Olukoya said, “The man asked her to sleep with him in a cemetery and the lady slept with him on a grave. But the woman saw a padlock in his hand when she was having sex with him and the padlock was locked during the ejaculation and since then, the woman’s womb was blocked. Her problem multiplied.

“Another fake prophet told someone to come to Nigeria, that he must have sex with her before she could prosper. “How could a man ask his church members to deposit water in bottles in the church for seven days?

Olukoya cited these things, such as, the ‘so-called miracle’ and ‘signs and wonders’ as fast means of disobedience.

If we could ask Reverend Olukoya a question it probably would go, “How does one know a fake pastor?”.

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