Klopp Not Interested In Moreno Criticism

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Jurgen Klopp has vehemently stated he is not interested in the criticism of Alberto Moreno. And he is at peace with Liverpool’s left-back options.

The Spanish defender has been criticised for a string of poor displays last season. With his showing in the Europa league final, costing Liverpool the trophy.

Most recently was his display in the 4-3 win over Arsenal. The 24-year-old caused a penalty, which was saved by Mignolet, only for him to be caught out of position for Walcott’s opener.

Klopp, however, pointed out that the errors could have been collectively avoided had the team defended better in the build-up to both situations.

“We do this all time when somebody was not too good that we talk about it in a press conference?,” the visibly annoyed Reds boss asked at Melwood.

“That’s cool, I’m looking forward to it! He was involved in the penalty situation, right? So that’s something of course. We always spoke about how we can defend together differently because the situation was created two times before the penalty situation.

“In my opinion, we could have avoided this situation in five or six times before and then it came to the situation where Alberto could have done better – that’s right. But that’s all. I don’t really understand what we are talking about.

“Are we talking about Alberto Moreno because he did not defend so good in the game against Arsenal? I told you a lot times that I cannot be interested in the criticisms from other people.

“Alberto played, so there should be a reason for it. That’s what I’m thinking about, not what other people want me to think about a player.

“Should I read more newspapers or something? The world is not satisfied with our left-back, or what?”

Klopp was asked whether it was risky for Liverpool not to recruit another specialist for that role before the close of the summer window, and the German made it clear that if the club had sourced a target who suited their style, a transfer would’ve already materialised.

“We have to make decisions and the most comfortable thing in this situation is having three players for every position,” he explained.

“So one can get injured, and if another gets injured during a game, you still have an option. It’s not about being risky on one position or something like this. It’s how it is with all other positions – we would’ve found the perfect fit with all the things around, it’s not about money, only about playing style, defending skills, offensive skills and technical skills.

“If we would’ve found this, then I think you would know because we would have made a transfer.”

Klopp highlighted that James Milner, Ragnar Klavan and Nathaniel Clyne can all operate on that flank.

“We have a lot of players in our opinion who can play, in our style, at left full-back,” he said.

“You can say ‘they are not left-backs’, but we are not blind. What I hear now is that a lot of people aren’t happy with the solution of Alberto Moreno there, well, I’m sorry about this.

“Milly can player there, and he played really well if you saw the Barcelona game. I had a talk with him and asked him what his opinion is on it. He’s an experienced player and I don’t want to force a new position on a player.vI want players to be convinced by themselves.

“Clyney has played it, we have a wonderful young player in Trent Alexander who plays right full-back.

“Ragnar Klavan, on a very defensive day, he can play left full-back. We have a lot of options and you can say ‘take another one,’ that’s possible but only if it really is the guy we want.

“You have to build a squad where everyone sees the perspective to play. The problem with transfers is that nobody cares about the players who are still here.

“What should we do with them? Put them away somewhere? It’s about commitment. If we expect commitment from the players, we have to show commitment too. It’s about work and development.

“Football is a game you cannot play without making mistakes.”



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