Klopp: EPL Is Hard To Win

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Jurgen Klopp has stated the EPL is really tough to win. And it us alluring to the best managers in the world.

The former Dortmund manager replaced Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. With Guardiola taking over at Manchester City. And Antonio Conte taking over at Chelsea.

Klopp insists that there is simply no greater challenge in football at the moment.

“Winning the title in England is the biggest challenge of them all. There are the most teams of any league who can win it,” Klopp explained.

“If you are looking for the biggest challenge then you need to go to England.

“That’s the difference 100 per cent. It’s not like they wanted an easier job. They wanted this. But it is hard. The toughest challenge of all, because there are so many who can win.

“In other countries, only one team is favourite. In Germany, if you want to be in front of Bayern Munich, you have to win all the other games and then a minimum of one against Bayern, because they never lose.

“In this country it’s a very different kind of difficulty. Here you have a number of clubs who think they should be number one.

“In Germany there is one team who think they have to be and one team who think they should be. The rest hope for I don’t know what. It’s different.”



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