Kim Kardashian Unveils Kanye West’s “Famous” Art Exhibit

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Kanye West and his “Famous” friends have become an art exhibit.

The wax sculptures and bed used in the video was unveiled at the Blum & Poe gallery in Los Angeles, Friday night, August 26 by Mrs Kim Kardashian West.

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On the bed, Kanye West is lying peacefully between his wife, Kim and Taylor Swift. Also on the bed are Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Chris Brown, Amber Rose, George W Bush, Rihanna and more.

According to WMagazine, “West had initially envisioned the piece as an animation, but ever the over-achiever, he instead enlisted a team of sculptors, tattoos artists and various other artisans to make a 3-D version that would realistically inhale and exhale.”

A source close to Kanye revealed sculpting Donald Trump was the hardest as the billionaire had wiped off every shirtless photograph of himself from the internet.

Gallery co-founder, Tim Blum said, “It’s a serious piece of art, the kind people would want to collect.”


Kanye West was assumed to be on the road so he spoke to his wife and the gallery audience through his Robot Kanye.

Kim also revealed she played a major role in the creation of her own sculpture.

“I shaved my own butt,” she explained. “It was a little too small, and then it was a little too big. I was there with the tools to get it right.”

Towards the end of the exhibition, Kim said to Robot Kanye, “Hi babe. I was just talking about how I shaved my own butt. No, she won’t think that! I didn’t shave my butt in real life… I don’t think that’s possible… I love you.”

These two are really good for each other.

"I had to shave my butt." — Kim Kardashian West. (She meant the statue's.) @wmag

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Anna Wintour & Donald Trump in bed @blumandpoe @kanyewest #famous

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