Folk Singer, “Johnny Drille” Talks Music With BBC Africa

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Folk Singer, Johnny Drille Talks Music With BBC Africa

Contemporary folk singer Johnny Drille, since the release of his breakout single “Wait For Me” in 2015, has been one of the most sought-after upcoming musicians in Nigeria.

The singer, who is chiefly recognized and loved for his unique music skills which include; music production & writing, had a brief but compelling conversation with the British Broadcasting Company (Africa). And, he elaborated his kind of music.

According to Johnny, his music is mostly about Love, and he can’t also separate it from God. “I sing about the country… I sing about Nigeria. because, the truth is, right now the economic situation is so messed up“. he continued, “PEOPLE just need to FEEL GOOD. They just need something to help them forget that things are difficult right now“.

Speaking on what it feels like being an artist based outside the heart of the Nigerian music industry “Lagos State” and still be able to make an impact, he said “me coming all the way from Benin City into Lagos …making this much impact, means you can be anywhere and still be able to do great things“.

Along with him is “Godwyn Guitar” during the interview. Watch the clip below:

Not forgetting that his style of music is also admired by the legendary Cohbams Asuquo, the Wait For Me crooner is on the verge of success.

PS: Have a taste of his music HERE

Also Listen to Mr John (A Duet With Johnny Drille) by Sister Wisdom below


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