Jhene Aiko Nullifies Marriage To Dot Da Genius After Kissing Big Sean

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jhene aiko

They said a kiss can make or break a relationship, and this may be the reason Jhene Aiko has pulled the plug on her marriage to her Nigerian husband/producer Dot Da Genius after kissing Big Sean. 

Though she’s citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split, we know that term means, ‘”we don’t need a reason but, here, we’ll give you one anyway.”

Last June, during an Anaheim concert Jhene Aiko and Big Sean had shared a french kiss in front of the crowd.

Yet, these two vehemently deny dating and describe their relationship as “professional” and “just friends”.

Do you french-kiss your ‘friends’? Or post lovey captions on their social-media? We didn’t think so either.

jhene aiko
Jhene Aiko and Big Sean

Big Sean have been speculated to be one of the reasons for their split as he and Aiko are an item on their social media, unless they are misleading their fans with their joint project TWENTY88 which sees them posting more than “just friends” photographs and slightly “unprofessional” captions on each other’s social media.

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Aiko is requesting the judge to deny Dot Da Genius, real name Oladipo Omisore spousal support.

There was a rumor which buzzed that although Aiko was married to Genius, she had entered some form of agreement with Big Sean to act like they were together to further her career and her husband, Genius was aware of it.

Guess make believe conflicted with reality.

Some of the rumor-mongers claimed the arrangement between Sean and Aiko blew up more than the three expected and cost her her marriage.

jhene aiko
Jhene Aiko and Dot Da Genius

Oh well, nothing is hidden under the sun, like our grandparents love to quote, so we’ll definitely get the 360 on Aiko and Sean’s ‘real’ relationship.

Sorry Genius, should have seen that coming. We sure did. Who wouldn’t with all the excess PDAs on Aiko and Sean’s handles. 

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