Introducing The BMW Club of Nigeria

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The BMW Club of Nigeria is an independent enthusiast organization / club operating under the guidelines of the BMW Clubs International Council and also a proud member of the BMW clubs Africa.


The vision of the club is to become the largest hub/platform of motoring activities in Africa, ranging from road courtesy & safety campaign, motorsports entertainment to leisure and lifestyle. The founding mission is to promote the BMW lifestyle and share information derived from owning a BMW automobile, and engage in social events as may be agreeable to the membership, in harmony with the Club’s general objectives.


Club Mission and Purpose – Aims and Objectives


• To bring together people interested in the BMW marque – Interacting, socializing and networking things pertaining Bavarian motor works

• To support members in their development pursuit

• To promote social and sports activities

• To collect and disseminate technical and mechanical information for the benefit of BMW drivers

• To promote and conduct motorsport and motoring activities

• To foster friendship and courtesy on the road

• To build strategic alliance with like-minded people

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The Club provides products; services and events, which enhance the enjoyment, value and experience all BMW owners and enthusiasts get from their cars and they include:


• Discounts on BMW servicing, parts and lifestyle accessories

• Savings on insurances and warrantees

• Discounted hotel stays

• Tours

• Track days

• Trips to various car shows and motorsport events

• Club shop

• Car recovery

• Advanced Driver Training and Collision Avoidance Courses

• Breakfast Runs

• High Speed Top-end Runs

• Games and Poker Evenings

• Weekends Away

• Access to many sports events.

Being a spectator at some of these events is almost as much fun as participating!



** Members will pay annual subscription fee of

N10,000 *Silver membership (5% discounts on all purchases)

N20,000 *Gold Membership (10% discounts on all purchases)

N30,000 *Platinum Membership (15% discount on all purchases)

A combination of these discounts can repay the annual membership fee many times over.


Membership of the BMW Club NIGERIA entitles you to:

• A personalised Membership Card

• BMW Car Club Stickers, Branded club USB and Lanyard, Branded club Shirt

• Electronic News Letters and latest BMW Related News

• Discounts on select BMW Parts & Accessories at participating BMW Dealerships

• Access to all the latest information on your BMW

• Access to other like-minded people who are passionate about their BMWs

• Eligibility to participate in all of the club events



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