Horrible Woman And Mean Neighbor Burn 16-Year Old Housemaid With Iron

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Fatima Williams, a mother of four from Kwara State and her neighbor Waliu Yusuf are horrible people who beat up a 16-year-old girl, Kemi, with electric cables and burnt her with an iron.

Kemi was brought from Cotonou, Benin Republic by her elder brother and was handed over in January 2016 to serve as a housemaid to Fatima who is an Alhaja.

On that fateful day, the teenager said she was beaten for not completing the chores her madam her instructed her to carry out such as sweeping the compound, cleaning the windows and washing some clothes.

The teen said, “I started with the washing and she went out. When she returned, she was angry that I had not swept the compound. She called the man to beat me up.”


Fatima narrated her own side of the story saying that since Kemi’s brother brought the child to her, the girl used to steal from her regularly. And even though she kept reporting Kemi to her brother and even called him to come and take the child away, the man refused.

The Alhaja complained about Kemi’s dirtiness and said she had attempted advising the girl like her own child but she proved unrelentless to change.

She said of that fateful day, “When she got me angry on that day, I was tired of beating her and I called Waliu (Yusuf). He was using an iron. As he beat her, she held his clothes and the iron injured her.”

Waliu Yusuf said he didn’t intend to hurt Kemi, amidst all the fracas he only wanted to instill fear into the girl when the iron fell on her.

He said, “The girl went into the kitchen and brought an insecticide, threatening to kill herself. I then tried to take the substance away from her. She began to struggle with me. I started flogging her and she held on to my clothes.

“Meanwhile, I was ironing some clothes that time. I used the iron to scare her to leave my clothes. That was how the iron fell on her. I only wanted to scare her away.”

Kemi is presently receiving treatment at the Police College Hospital, Ikeja while Fatima and Yusuf have been arrested and will be charged to court after investigations have been concluded.

The state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni said, “This is a case of child trafficking, child labour and child abuse as well as assault occasioning harm. The suspects will be arraigned in a court of law.”

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