A Honest Man: Moyes Tells Sunderland Fans To Expect Relegation Fight

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Moyes Tells Sunderland Fans To Expect Relegation Fight

Moyes Tells Sunderland Fans To Expect Relegation Fight – Sunderland’s new manager David Moyes has told the club’s fans to expect yet another season of relegation battles.

After losing the first two games of the new campaign, Moyes admitted to the press that the fans had every reason to fear another relegation battle.

He said: “That’s where they’ve been every other year for the last four years, so why would it suddenly change?”

“I don’t think you can hide the facts. People will be flat because they are hoping that something is going to dramatically change – it can’t dramatically change, it can’t.”

Having already signed a number of new players including Adnan Januzaj and Steven Pienaar, Moyes has admitted the club will not be making any more signings.

He said: “What we have got, we are having to add to it with young players as well as one or two experienced players. We have got to try to get the balance right and obviously choose and get the right players at the right price in the transfer market.

“That’s actually quite difficult. It’s easily said, but it’s not that easy to do, and the prices, as you can imagine, are a bit more than they have been in the past.”



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