Guardiola: I Cannot Keep Everyone Happy

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Pep Guardiola has defended his decision to replace Joe Hart between the sticks at Manchester City.

The England international was named as No. 1 in the second leg against Steaua Bucharest for the first time this season.

And with Bravo’s move to the club all but confirmed, Hart received a standing ovation from the fans, in what might have been his last game for the club.

“Joe is still a player for us,” the coach told BT Sport. “I know he is a legend for this club – one of the reasons the club is what it is.

“I know he helped make this team one step above so I am so happy the players treat him like this and love him. He solved their few chances they had without a problem.

“I am here to take decisions. I make a lot of mistakes. Some good and some bad, but I try to be honest. I can’t deny what I feel. I was honest with Joe and all the players in the squad.

“Joe right now is a player for Man City and if he has to play, he will play. I am so happy that today he played at the level he has.

When asked about Hart’s popularity with the fans, Guardiola replied: “I don’t know. They can express what they feel.

“I would like all my decisions to make everyone happy but it is impossible. You have to take a decision to impact on the life of the players. We have 28 players. Seventeen cannot play.

“From the beginning I arrived here with a lot of information and I analyse. I have to take a decision and I cannot deny what I feel.

“If the fans are not happy I can understand. He has done more than I might do at this club. These guys like [David] Silva, Yaya [Toure] make this club how it is. It’s not a club with European history.

“I am here and I must take a decision. The people, some will agree and some will not. I’m not always right but I have to take the decision. That’s why City asked me to be the new manager.”



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