Female Police Officer In Kenya Commits Suicide

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A female police officer attached to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Kenya has shot herself dead.

The woman, who was identified as Corporal Gaudencia Wausi resumed work on Tuesday, August 23 after being on leave.

An officer who spoke on anonymity said, “She went to the radio room where her male colleagues were and left her phone, baton and cap on the table. She walked out and went to the toilet, locked herself in and shot herself once in the head and died.”

The officer disclosed it was unclear as to why the woman locked herself at the old airport arrivals wing that burnt down in a fierce fire in 2013 and committed suicide.

Investigations have been launched to ascertain the reason for the corporal’s action.

Officers shooting themselves in Kenya isn’t exactly peculiar. Last year, a CID officer, Anthony Kangu, based at Kayole police station took his own life after the failed attempt to kill his wife and children.

Kangu had a misunderstanding with his wife at a local bar after which he walked to his house and shot at the door several times as he tried to enter the house.

Police reports stated that his wife fled the scene with their children. Kangu fired shots in the estate before turning the gun to shoot himself.

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