Eva Alordiah Ditches Conventional Tailoring As She Styles Herself

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eva alordaih

Eva Alordiah keeps proving she is the classic “jack of many trades”.

She sings, she raps, she writes, she does make up, now she’s designing her very own clothes.

What can’t Eva do?

eva alordiah
Eva Alordiah

The costume in question was a black and brown structure-pattern front-slit split skirt and a crop top.

Ms Alordiah wrote with a photograph of her new design, “When you design your own clothes and suddenly start to feel glamorai! ?.”

Eva, styled for a Boom Player event, was swamped with fans demanding for a picture with the rapper.

She said, “Everybody wanted a photo! I think it’s a custom over there eh? Dem nor gree me go. E come be like photoshoot. ??”

Meanwhile, Eva once revealed in an interview, her reason for not having tattoos.

She said, “I do not believe that everyone who loves arts and paintings should be a fan of tattoos even though that is a form of art. Art is really just what happens when we utilize our God-given potential to create something that never existed before.”

“To me, there is art in everything. My body itself is art but instead of using it as a canvas for another type of art form, I would prefer to create it which is why I constantly go to the gym almost every day trying to build and create what I envision to be the work of art I see my body to be. The only time my body becomes a canvas for another art form isn’t for tattoos but make-up.”

“I love tattoos and I have been tempted to have some a few times. I am sure when I finally make up my mind, the hardest thing would be choosing what spot on my body I want to draw the tattoo. Who knows, it may even be under my feet.”

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