David Ayer Explains Why ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Joker Wears Grills

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Why 'Suicide Squad's' Joker Wears Grills

Why ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Joker Wears Grills – Suicide Squad director David Ayer has revealed a little back story into one of the film’s major characters, The Joker.

The Joker is played by Jared Leto, and sports grilled teeth as well as a tattoo on his head that reads ‘Damaged.’ In an interview with Empire magazine, Ayer revealed the history behind them, as well as the connection between Batman and the Joker.

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Ayer said: “This is sort of my personal thing and maybe less about a larger connection but Joker killed Robin and Batman basically smashes his teeth out and locks him up in Arkham Asylum.”

“It’s in the asylum where Joker would have done the ‘damaged’ tattoo as a message to Batman saying, ‘You’ve damaged me. I was so beautiful before and now you’ve destroyed my face.’ That’s where the grill comes from.”



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