Daddy Freeze On Jhene Aiko’s Divorce, It’s Better To Quit Than Cheat – True Or False?

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daddy freeze

Daddy Freeze shares his opinion on the Jhene Aiko and Dot Da Genius divorce saga.

Jhene Aiko has been accused of being unfaithful to Dot with Big Sean long before their marriage was over.

Now, if she has decided to call it quits, maybe for the same reason everyone is accusing her of ie a secret ongoing affair with Big Sean, isn’t it in the husband’s interest to accept the divorce and move on with his life?

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And for Aiko, if a woman has to be with a man she would cheat on, isn’t it better she leaves him in peace and go to whomever makes her happy and can keep her thighs closed only to be parted for him?

jhene aiko
Jhene Aiko and Big Sean

Sometimes one has certain expectations before marriage that they fail to experience once they get into it and those who can work it out, work it out but for those who can’t, they either cheat, or like Aiko, step away, regardless what anyone has to say.

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It’s better to be single and happy than be yoked with a person you can’t stay faithful to. Marriage isn’t a prison.

Still, Daddy Freeze’s words are always a worthy read:

I don’t think Jhene deserved to be slaughtered on social media.

The ‘volatile’ social media of 2016, allows victims to be torn apart by people, who oftimes are in worse off situations themselves.
I watched with utter amazement, as a 44 year old spinster, tore Jhene to shreds over her cheating allegations/divorce, calling her all sorts of unprintable names.

Because of this social media, that gives every Tom, Dick and Harry a microphone, a 44 year old woman, who has never been married and has no children can condemn another woman’s choice?

The first question on my mind was “Madam, how come you are not married at 44?” but fear no let me, as it was obvious that the poor mare needed an outlet to vent her frustration.

When Jhene started trending, I read tweets with awe, people who had little or no access to the real information, out of the blues became ‘professors of Jhene’, earning their PHDs and masters degrees on the subject, after spending all of 5 minutes digesting the story on TMZ.

Some others who weren’t afforded the education TMZ gave, as their data plans were limited, relied solely on Facebook and Twitter, for their ONDs and HNDs on the subject.

I respect Jhene for deciding to end a ‘fungating’ relationship. There are a few reasons why a woman would cheat, the worst being that her heart is no longer in the relationship. Should she have stayed and continued cheating on Mr Dot, or moved on?

Some suggested that she should have stayed and fixed her marriage, despite allegations of violence.

Hmmm like that gentleman in Ibadan who went home to try to fix his marriage after he was stabbed once? The poor guy is in the grave yard, with the story more or less buried with him.

Same thing with that pretty Lagos banker, who died with her children right there in the house, trying to fix her marriage. This year alone I have come across 4 or 5 of such stories, and wonder when, if at all, people are going to learn.

In the western world, they are not burdened with the responsibility we have, of pretending all is well on the home front, while we slide in and out of DMs and hotel rooms, yet ‘forming’ self righteous.

We’ve been eagerly waiting for Daddy Freeze to say something and now he has, and as always it’s filled with wisdom which some agreed with or banter of foolish words, as the other half would declare.

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  1. No relationship isn’t prison. Marriage on the other hand is a different ball game.
    I’m 31 and single not because I couldn’t have been married but because I can’t do trial and error marriage. If a guy I’m dating starts talking marriage I all of a sudden turn forensic detective not snooping around oh but I start watching his every move. How he talks, how he eats, how he walks even how he brushes his teeth, even if everything is OK but there is one tiny thing I can’t over look which to others it might be nothing, I bail. Why? I can’t afford to be a manager because knowing myself I must resent him in the future for that tiny flaw I couldn’t over look. If I’m dating I don’t get carried away with the whole love thing and marriage being the end point because I know that euphoria will fade and I am left with what is left after the euphoria. Our generation just treats marriage like it is a relationship forgetting that you vowed to forsake all others. Yes we will always meet hotter, sexier people, the attraction maybe intense but it takes strong will to maintain and fulfill those vows. I don’t agree with Daddy freeze except where violence is involved. Even if you must leave your husband or wife because you believe you found something better please do not slander the person’s character just because you need an excuse that seems valid while not true. Then you remember every argument that seemed normal at the time and proceed to term it verbal or emotional abuse. Every door shut in anger becomes a violent streak. At least just try not to make the separation a messy one.
    As a young girl who looked more mature than her age. I got a lot of marriage proposals simply because I looked like I would make a good wife but I knew myself and I knew that I wasn’t done experiencing life which involved having boyfriends and making and breaking up and moving on to other guys. Clubbing, traveling with my friends and most of all working on myself because I was but now minimally lazy. I also knew that any man that married me then will return me to my parents out of frustration. I knew I wanted to legally crush on hot guys and yea date of make out with them if the opportunity presented itself. I didn’t want to miss out on those things and then later in marriage I will start exploring those feelings. I have experienced all that I wanted to and I can gladly sag I regret nothing so now if I were to settle down with a guy that after the whole initial love thing settles, we still have a good friendship going on and can spend time together without wanting to kill ourselves then I wouldn’t just walk out on my marriage because I want to experience much more. Please marriage is reserved for mature minds not people that enter it with the mindset of trial and error. I can’t judge Jhene but she messed up big time. No relationship is perfect and situations must arise except in the case of violence or any form of abuse, those situations should be worked on.

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