Are Chris Brown And Meek Mill Giving Drake The Middle Finger?

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The beef between Drake and Meek Mill just became a threesome as Chris Brown has chosen sides and it isn’t with Drizzy. 

Brown and Drake don’t see eye to eye and that’s a fact – they are fighting for Rihanna’s love – but taking to Instagram to share a snapshot with Meek Mill proves the Sex You Back To Sleep singer is all up for starting a new beef, especially as he has a new partner at his side.

In a since deleted Instagram post, Chris Brown is seen with Meek Mil, with both artistes giving the middle finger.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence seeing as he shared the snap hours after Drake stood on the MTV VMA stage to profess his love for Rihanna.

chris brown

Meek on the other hand has a long standing feud with Drake.

On Saturday, August 20, Drake came after Meek Mill by calling him a ‘p***y’ at his sold-out concert in Washington, D.C.

During the performance, Drake replaced the lines on his diss track Back To Back where he referred to Meek Mill as “he still ain’t did sh*t about the other one” and changed it to “that p***y still ain’t did s**t about the other one.”

Like that wasn’t blow enough, Drake wasn’t satisfied as he took a detour to Philadelphia on Sunday, August 21 and continued the taunt in Meek Mill’s hometown.

Drizzy later posted on Instagram that day, “I will never develop an addiction to fiction. It’s for getting at the truth when the truth isn’t sufficient for the truth.”


Meek responded through his Instagram saying that he went to confront Drake only for the Views rapper to protect himself with police guards thereby disabling Milly from turning the event to a full-fledged fight.

Meek wrote, “When you run out the back door with 12 and use the ‘old man’ to save you. I’m done. You had Philadelphia swat with you. I am going to go ahead and hang it up with these suckas! Had y’all tucked back in there for hours lol. #stillrunning. I only came to talk lol.”


Chris Brown and Meek Mill versus Drake. Hmm. We would love to see how this ends.

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