Bukky Wright’s Son Ojayy Stereotyped For Rocking A Nose Ring

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Bukky Wright, a Nollywood veteran got ridiculed on social media over her son, Olugbenga Jerry Amu-Wright who is also a musician by the stage name Ojayy.

The apparent offence in a loving mother/son picture shared by the actress on her page on instagram, Ojayy was spotted wearing a nose ring. As usual,  followers of both the son and mother took to social media to air their opinions through comments. 

The group of people who opposed cursed in the Yoruba and Pidgin English:

  • bolamiko – Anti Bukky this ring on your son’s nose is very disappointing. Everything should not be seen as fashion. This is very irritating for a guy. Ki lo dey.
  • pwetitfah – Rubbish which kind son be this with nose ring.
  • optimah86 – Abajoo bird of the same feathers

But the love was real as many defended her:

  • itstashabanks – She had four sons 2 of them are US marshals. One of her sons wants to be a musician, this must be him, trying to build a public personality. She doesn’t deserve the insults, for a woman to raise four sons, I’d say she’s a great mother @bukkywright I love you MA.
  • prinzkel1 – What is d difference between nose ring and ear ring?
  • orenteee – Stupid people,monitoring spirit every where, haba did the young man put d nose ring on your children’s nose?awon wereh jatijati, telling Adult what to do,is nose ring cocaine?awon oponu Oshi.
  • gladyswara – You all are just busy talking rubbish. What is your business did u contribute in raising him. Who are you to tell her what her son will wear and what not to wear, mind your business. Be useful to yourself Look for what to do. The boy is not a baby either is he your son. He has a father and a mother. So what’s your problem. Haters continue to be hating people that don’t even know if you exist or not…… @bukkywright your son is handsome don’t mind haters is a free world so let them hate.
  • semiluv30 – I don’t know why people judge, what’s your own with the guys life, coz his mum is a star he should not do whatever he likes. Let people do what they want and don’t judge anyone.
  • yeyeola1 – Nigerians are hypocrites. They won’t mend their clothes where it’s torn. Some are even worse than the boy. Pots calling kettle black.

Like they say everyone is entitled to their opinion. Is there really anything wrong with a nose ring on a guy – should a mother be dragged into what her adult son wears?

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