Breaking: Boko Haram Releases Video Of Remaining Captured Chibok Girls

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Boko Haram demands the release of their captured fighters in return for the much prayed for release of the captured Chibok girls.

276 girls were taken from their school in the northern town of Chibok, Borno state in April 2014. Of that number 219 are believed to still be held by the terrorist.

In the video, a militant is seen having an interview with one of the girls, named Maida Yakubu who claims to be from Chibok.

The militant urged the girl to tell the Nigerian government to release imprisoned Boko Haram militants its captured.

Maida is heard saying in Kabaku language, “What I can say is that our parents should take heart. Talk to the government so that we can be allowed to go home.”

In their quest for Islamic rule, Boko Haram has led a blood-thirsty war in northern Nigeria killing thousands and causing the displacement of over one-point-two million people.

The group which has also pledged solidarity with ISIS said, “They should know that their children are still in our hands.”

In APRIL 14 this year, CNN published a video of some of the Chibok girls which had been sent to negotiators by their captors as a “proof of life”.

Shehu Sani a Nigerian senator and former government negotiator with Boko Haram said Government should use proof of life to ransom for the freedom of the girls.

Sani said, “Negotiation at this stage has been frozen, because of the military campaign emphasized by the government. And I believe there is a need to explore the option of negotiation to ensure that the girls are brought back home alive.”

“I believe Nigeria should take this opportunity. The last government fell into the hands of many scammers, but I believe with such a very credible video, there is hope that these girls are alive. And the sources that provided the video should be used to get the girls out.”

With this new video and the militants’ request, the world watches for what decision the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari will take.

Watch Boko Haram 

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