Black Man Shot By Police After Calling To Report Robbery In His Home

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A black man was shot by police in the US after he called them out to his home to assist him and his wife after they had been robbed.

Carl Williams, a resident of Indianapolis called the city police department to report that his wife had been assaulted by a black suspect with a rifle but was then shot himself by the officer who arrived at his house.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMDP) has called this a “tragic incident”, with 48-year old Williams was reportedly mistaken for his wife’s assailant by 9-year veteran police officer Christopher Mills.

This shooting is the latest in a series of similar incidents that have sparked an uproar in the US over race relations and police training and has Mr. Williams currently fighting for his life in the hospital. According to the police, Mr Williams had his gun on him and that caused the officer to shoot.

Speaking at a press conference, assistant chief of the IMPD Randal Taylor said: “First and foremost this is a tragic incident involving a homeowner attempting to protect his family and the IMPD officers trying to do the same thing.”

“And of course, our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the homeowner and the family, who was mistakenly shot by our officer and we wish him a quick recovery”. The original assailant is thought to still be at large by police.

In 2016 alone, about 698 people have been shot by police in the US

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