Azealia Banks Disses Zayn Malik: “You Look Like You Used To Be A Girl”

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Azaelia Banks is trolling Zayn Malik – again – as she calls him a transgender and we can’t help but ask “WHY?”

The former One Direction boy-band member was involved in a photo shoot for GQ and Ms Banks had something impolite to say about his cover.

She wrote, “He legit looks like he used to be a girl. He gives me transman teas.”

Banks and Malik have had previous misunderstandings after the former accused him of copying her style and Zayn making racist comment about people of color.

àzealia banks
Why is Azalia Banks always picking on Zayn Malik?

Fans weren’t having it as they slashed Bank’s hate with equally disparaging comments:

  • dtkmlk – Azealia look like a burnt okra.
  • rnb_keikei – Can someone please finally get azelias lithium dosage right or just finally hospitalize her…better yet stop reposting her lame a$$ rhetoric.
  • fay.jama – Sad …. she’s just so dam sad a lost case is more or less what she is what a bully no wonder she ain’t got shit going for her I bet she can’t say shit like that to his face haha what a loss case#disgusting ??✌?️
  • pi5tol_eyes – This girl is so full of anger. It’s amazing how a person’s shitty attitude can black their own success.
  • e_nashee83 – Coming from a bitch who used to be black who now looks like an albino monkey lookin ass..?
  • timliv25 – So now being sexy and beautiful is a problem? Banks needs to read the statutes on cyber bullying because the way she targets Zayn can really get her ass in trouble.

Atleast she did have one supporter.

  • eatdrinkandlaugh – After the ignorant shit he said about black lives matter…drag his ass girl..who cares
azaelia banks
Azaelia Banks calls Zayn Malik a transgender

Well, is saying “he looks like he used to be a girl” supposed to be an insult because that sounds like a compliment to some.

Plus, Azaelia always riding on Zayn Malik has many speculating she wants him as her habitual -bullying of the singer is becoming suspect.

While a few defended her as Malik had made racist comments about black people but he did apologize after being schooled by black Twitter and Ms Banks is still holding that grudge, coming for him whenever she can.

As for Banks, she also apologized to the world wide web after one of her tantrums and promised to be a good girl but with this transphobic slur, she must have ended her good girl days.

We hope she goes back to being a good girl, she was much silent that way.

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