9 Things Every Man Must Know Before Sexting

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Sexting has become a part of us in the 21st century due to the advent of mobile technological devices which have brought sex from the bedroom to our phones. Sexting is a guilty pleasure that is enabling and naughty but can bring some wild fun to our daily lives.

Sexting as every other thing in life has its own set of rules which if followed, will guarantee relative success. Here are nine rules to follow.

Have A Previous Sexual Interaction
It’s best not to have a sextual encounter with someone that you just met. If you’ve not had a sexual interaction with a person, it’s definitely awkward to ask for their naked pictures except you want to come off as a pervert.

More so, she’s probably thinking that if your sexual move is going to come through sext, you’re most likely a boring person.

Don’t Go In At Full Blast
Being subtle with your words from the initial stage will go a long way in guaranteeing a sextual future. The last thing your woman wants to see is a text saying “I want to f*ck your intestines out of your body.” Going subtle with a simple “I can’t stop thinking about your body” is enough to ignite a the emotions.

Be As Original As Possible
You don’t have to necessarily invent your own vocabulary but you can put in a bit of effort. Using the normal sentences like “What are you wearing?” sounds monotonous and boring. Try more creative styles like “You’re wearing that sexy red lingerie right?”

Watch Your Words
A sext is usually as premeditated as it gets and knowing what your partner wants to hear is important. Some women love dirty talk while some find it repulsive. It is important to discover what your partner wants before you start using vulgar words.

Watching the words you use during sexting can go a long way in determining how perfect the encounter will be.

Don’t Push Too Hard For Pictures
If a woman is willing to send her nude pictures, she will send them. Don’t be too pushy for them because sending nude pictures is as risky as it gets these days. As such, it is completely understandable if she doesn’t want to trade dirty pictures.

She’s Probably Multitasking While Texting
Men usually have a one-track mind but women are good at multitasking. A woman can easily sexy while during other activities. As such, when she says she’s touching herself, she could actually be doing her laundry or holding a meeting.

You Could Be Having Group Sext
Chances are your sext is not just between you and your girl as her friends may be reading your messages. This is usually dependent on your approach and attitude towards her.

If you’re a guy she just met and you’re sending weird-ass and nude pictures to her, she’d most likely take it public to her friends.

If you’re however a loving partner who she sees as a longterm prospect, you’d most likely behave in an appropriate manner which will make your sexts safe with her.

Don’t Send Unsolicited Pictures
Don’t send unsolicited pictures of your member to her except she asks for it. A very small number of women are cool with this and it’s best you believe your woman belongs to the list that finds it repulsive.

She could be in the middle of something at work or at home and it can be pretty embarrassing to have an aggressive piece of anatomy flash on her phone screen in the presence of friends or family.

Have As Much Fun As Possible
Don’t be too serious while sexting with your partner. Sexting can be awkward and funny but you don’t have to take it the way you’d take a job task. Be playful and enjoy every bit of it and she’d most likely do the same.



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