7 Times Jesse Jagz Sent Your Favorite Rapper Running for Cover

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7 Times Jesse Jagz Sent Your Favorite Rapper Running for Cover

When you hear the name Jesse Garba Abaga or Jesse Jagz, what comes to your mind first? The younger brother of M.I. Abaga, the Nigerian rapper who lost his way, or one of the GREATEST out of Africa?

7 Times Jesse Jagz Sent Your Favorite Rapper Running for Cover
7 Times Jesse Jagz Sent Your Favorite Rapper Running for Cover

Jesse Jagz as a rapper, broke into the industry proper, in 2010 with the release of his debut album “Jag Of All Tradez”. The album housed 18 tracks which included top notch tracks like “Jargo” “Greatest” along with some other worthy to listen joints.

Even if it appears to be ignored in the Nigerian music industry, as a lover of the genre ‘hip-hop’ (…well I can’t possibly call myself an ‘OG’ even if I tasted a little from the ‘Ice-T’), I know and can give facts that the genre is mostly about bragging and it sounds better when it’s from the heart. That is: Hip-Hop or Rap music, is the Survival of the Fittest. Only the realest and sometimes rawest gain the glory –sorry …In Nigeria the gore is ignored–.

Moving on, the August 10, 1900 born rapper, producer and sometime Rastafarian – Jesse Jagz, has a footprint in the industry, which will without doubt, be preserved for a very long time if not forever.

It’s widely–acceptable for you to be skeptical about Jagz. But, wait after the below list you might give it another thought:

  1. When the “Greatest” was released:

Like I said earlier, Hip-Hop is a genre that has to do with bragging. With Greatest, Jesse Jagz held his ground unveiling the genius in him, making it clear that he is here to stay. Connecting the song to his life, he rapped “This is my expression // This is the result of my refreshing // This is the JOY that came from my DEPRESSION”.

  1. When “Third World War (feat. Femi Kuti)” was released:

Somehow, this song wasn’t “really” popular when it was released. The official soundtrack for the 2015 Nigerian psychological movie Heaven’s Hell, may not be popular but it is till date, one of the best collaborations in Nigeria.

This wasn’t The Clash of the Titans, rather it was the “Coming Together of Zeus (Femi Kuti) and Kratos (Jesse Jagz)”. And, when those two come together, you’d better pledge allegiance.

  1. When “Jargo” was released:

Okay, who wasn’t moved by this track? Deliveries were on point; production was something else. This was the tune that made Jesse Jagz, your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

  1. The moment Jesse Jagz embraced Rastafari, and prayed with a “Burning Bush”:

Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come, was the revolution of Jesse Jagz. When he heard the call, he gladly embraced and welcomed it. With Burning Bush, jesse Jagz paid homage to Hadiza Aboki (still don’t know who that it is though).

  1. The point when all Jesse needed was “Sex and Scotch”:

DJ: What would you like me to play?

You: A baby making song.

DJ: Track 07 [Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come]

Jesse Jagz brought out his explicit side with the ear soothing song, to make filling-up of the ovary extremely easy. As long as there is a connection, the testicles know what to do.

Forget the herbs, Reggae music isn’t what you wake-up as an artist or musician and decide to delve into. If you’re competent enough, it will find you and make you feel alive.

  1. When Jesse Jagz and Rexx mixed the Herbs with Palm Wine for “High Life”:

In my opinion, High Life elaborated the energy and courage alcohol can easily provide when you need to woo a lady. With Jesse Jagz’s calm delivery and the Rexx proving himself to be one of the “Lords of the Hooks,” on a superb eastern production, High Life was a stand out track on his “Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company” album.


  1. Dear rapper, before dissing please remember this disclaimer; “Nobody Test Me”:

The closing track of debut album – Jag Of All Tradez, “Nobody Test Me (feat. Ice Prince & M.I.)” is arguably the best Chocolate City collaboration ever recorded. You can’t expect less from an ANTHEM that has a warning title.


From his archive of hits, above are seven [7] songs by Jesse Jagz that sent your favorite rapper running for cover. Whenever the “god” is on the mic, you know it’s going to be blessed day for the believers and otherwise for the non-believers.

For a producer who delved into rapping, you can’t tell me Jesse jagz’ versatility is not a gift from God. I mean, go through your favorite Nigerian entertainment/music platforms and see what your favorite rapper thinks about Jesse Jagz. You can also tweet at your favorite rapper(s) and ask if him/her don’t feel scared when Jagz comes through.

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