7 Good Things No One Told You About Casual Sex

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You’ve probably heard a million and one reasons why you shouldn’t have casual sex, but you most likely don’t know the good reasons why you should. Casual sex brings a lot of fun and can help you in discovering certain things about yourself you never knew was there.

The hard truth is that sex should not always be about your emotions, as it can simply be nothing more than just sex. If you’re interested in hooking up with someone without the complications of feelings, then you’ve got enough reasons to go ahead with casual sex.

Here are some fun and logical reasons to have casual sex which can help you feel less guilty than you would normally.

It Has Positive Impacts On Your Body
Sex is good for your body in a number of ways. Having an orgasm can help to keep your body physically fit and in good health.
More so, it gives you a glowing skin and helps to release feel-good hormones which impacts on your personal positively.

More Sex Makes You Better
There’s no way to be better at something than to practice right? Same applies to sex. The best way to improve your sex skills is to work more on it instead of reading about it.
A little casual sex can help you become good at this trade so that when you come across the person you want to spend a lifetime with, you’d surprise them with your skills and tenacity in the sack.

Casual Sex Feels Good
No matter the type of sex you’re having, the time in the sack always feels good. More so, anytime you feel good with yourself, there’s a burst of happiness and satisfaction that comes from within.
If you have an opportunity to have casual sex, you may as well go ahead with it because you need no other reason to but because you want to. That’s totally okay as you don’t really need to prove yourself to anyone.

Helps You Explore Your Sexuality
This is akin to experimenting which is important because it allows you to try different things without any of the emotional attachment that might make things awkward.

A Little Experimenting Never Hurts
There’s absolutely nothing bad with trying out new ideas and people in an effort to discover the things you like. If you don’t experiment, how would you know the things you enjoy when it comes to sex?

It Doesn’t Make You Bad
With the moral compass of this clime pointing down south, you most likely don’t want to participate in casual sex because you don’t want to get judged by people.
This reason doesn’t hold much water as fooling around with a hookup does not make you any different from every other person. Moreover, it’s best to do what you want or deem best, irrespective of what people think of you.

You’d Feel More Relaxed
Sex has the ability to make you feel more relaxed. Having an orgasm can have immense effect on stress levels, reducing them to the barest minimum.
If you’re feeling stressed of late, you may want to consider trying out a little casual sexual fun which will take your mind away from things causing you stress and make you more relaxed.

It Would Be Fun
The fun part is not one you have to justify to anyone. Sex can be a lot of fun, especially when it happens with the right person.
A night of casual fun can also add a different dimension to it. However, the most important thing is not to forget to be protected against any form of sexually transmitted infection.

Have fun and stay safe!



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