6 Things that Can Help You Reduce Stress Over The Weekend

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With the economic woes trailing the country and the private sector laying off loads of workers, there’s barely enough time to rest especially on weekends. The demands of private enterprises in Nigeria requires partial weekend work that leaves only a day for rest.

Despite these facts, a lot of us still cram a lot of chores into our weekends and see binge-watching TV as the only form of relaxation. Whichever way you choose to go, if your intention is to feel sharp and refreshed on Monday morning, you want to incorporate eating, having sex, socializing and exercising into your weekends.

To make the most of your weekend, add the following six things to your routine and let the rules work for you.

Reduce Television Time
After spending your whole week at work, the thing that seems best to do is to sit in front of the television and surf through channels. Television is however not the best option, or so it seems.

Sociologists at the University of Maryland found that people who were sad or unhappy tend to watch TV 30% more than people who were very happy people. Also try to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media as it may be draining as well.

Engage Your Friends Socially
You probably want to have “just for me” time during your weekends because of the loads of work you have to face during the week but it is important you try to organize at least one weekend social outing with your friends.The feeling of connection and love with your friends at a social gathering will make you happy in ways you never thought possible.

Research has shown that social gatherings encourage people to spend time and money in creating experiences which makes people happier than material objects. As such, plan a weekend night outing to the movies or the beach. You’d enjoy the benefits of the outing in weeks to come.

Exercising has the tendency to ignite the release of certain endorphins which make you feel good and also satisfy the need to excel. Exercises help you to feel in control of your physical and mental state. Any type of exercise is good but adopting outdoor exercises can be more beneficial.

A review of 15 different studies published in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology discovered that people who worked out outside were more likely to keep at it as opposed to those that performed theirs indoors.
The rewards of physical activity is usually cumulative, which means the more you exercise, the clearer your mind will get. Try riding a bicycle, a dance class or early morning jogging during the weekends. You’d definitely end your weekend with enough energy to kick start the week.

Compress Your Household Chores
It’s best to set out specific hours for your chores during the weekend. Doing so will allow you separate time for different activities and manage your time appropriately. More so, you may want to consider paying or getting people to handle certain chores to give you more personal time.

Volunteer And Attend Religious Gatherings
A 2008 study published in the Journal of Economic Psychology found out that the more frequently people attend religious services, the more content they are. Having faith and praying irrespective of being religious satisfies a need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Volunteering has almost the same effect as praying because people derive pleasure from helping others.

Meditation is another option you can try in place of volunteering or praying. Spiritual practices and exercises have the ability to change the brain structure in a way that promotes a sense of well-being.
You may want to consider setting apart some time during the weekend for meditation, prayer or volunteering. This will brighten and lift you up in ways you never thought possible.

Change Your Sunday Nights
Studies have shown that humans tend to remember their unpleasant experiences in a worse manner if they expect such experiences to re-occur. This can be attributed to why a lot of people ruin their Sunday nights by dreading the work to come in the week ahead.

Instead of dreading, plan one of the activities above for your Sunday night and you’d definitely go to bed with a wonderful memory instead of a harsh one.



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