5 Unprofessional Behaviours You Should Drop At Your Workplace

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We all have that moment of panic in our workplaces when a momentary loss of discretion results in us taking decisions we are not especially proud of. The unfortunate things about such moments is that they are usually witnessed by colleagues who would usually tell anyone that cares to listen of the unprofessional attitude we exhibited.

If we however have prior knowledge of certain things we do which people brand as being unprofessional, we can avoid the pitfalls that follows such actions.

Workplace Gossip

This is one of the biggest problems any workplace faces. Being a smart talker will most likely make your colleagues see you as a humorous person on the short term but will pass you off as someone with a reputation of indiscretion.

Gossip in the office is unprofessional to say the least, not only because it creates unnecessary conflicts but it also prevents collaborative efforts between you and your colleagues.

Being Too Free At Work-Social events

A lot of organisations have an end-of-the-year party and it is quite easy to confuse a work-social event for a social-social event.

If there’s an office party, you may want to take as much drinks as possible because you want to have a good time.

This is nothing more than a trap! Social events sponsored by your workplace are not ones which your workplace wants you to enjoy yourself at.

They expect you to exercise moderation in everything you do at these events. Your professionalism become questioned when you take too much alcohol at an event where your bosses and co-workers are present.

Bringing Your Home Issues To Work

Don’t be that lady that brings her issues with her spouse to the office or that man that always has screaming matches on the phone with his wife in the presence of his co-workers.

You should also not be that person whose cologne or perfume stimulates an allergic reaction that nobody in the office wants to smell again.

Setting boundaries in the workplace is important. Separate your home from your workplace because if you are oblivious to the things that affect your co-workers, you’d only be acting in an unprofessional manner.

Letting Subordinates Take The Fall

It’s never a good thing to allow other people take the fall for your indiscretions in your workplace. It may be you saw an opening to avoid disapproval from your superiors or blame for a particular thing, but it is nonetheless bad to throw any of your colleagues under the bus.

If a bad thing that occurred is not your fault, the ideal thing to do is for you to stand up and defend your actions instead of protecting yourself, to the detriment of your colleagues.

Turning Against People That Support You

There’s no way you’d agree with every decision your boss or the organisation you work for makes and neither will anyone else.

This however doesn’t mean you should complain about every decision made by the power brokers in your office. If you have any particular grievance, it’s best to channel such through the appropriate channels instead of turning it to office gossip.

It’s not good for your reputation, for you to be known as the person that hates where they work and complains about everything. Having such reputation will only make it easier for people to ignore your concerns and see you as someone that doesn’t have the interest of the organisation at heart.

Unlike your curriculum vitae which can be revised with every new job, your reputation is one professional tool you possess that follows you around and is often beyond your control. It is thus important you allow people see the employee you want to be.

The last thing you want to see is for a former boss to give a prospective employer unpalatable information about you when asked for a reference.



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