5 Things You Must Get Right Before Engaging In Rough Sex

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Not everyone enjoys rough sex but more and more women are increasingly favouring rough, dominating and submissive sex as a means of exploring their sexual preferences.

According to a study conducted at the University of North Texas, about 57 percent of women who are sexually active get aroused and turned on by the idea of having forceful sex. It usually comes down to the fact that women want to feel wanted and desired which is an integral ingredient of having a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Rough sex may however have different definitions to different people which is mostly dependent on your comfort level. Some people may interprete rough sex to mean bondage and slapping while others may see it as something as simple as trying a new sexual position. Here are ways you can switch your act from soft sex to rough sex.

Talk About It Before The Act
Before embarking on rough sex, tell your partner you want to try out something that’s a bit more steamy than the conventional. Start the conversation in a positive way by telling them you’re comfortable with them because you trust them.

Slowly bring up the idea of rough sex in a way that won’t make you appear awkward and shameful. You may feel some level of anxiety but don’t feel embarrassed. You’d most likely get a positive response.

Engage In It With Someone You Trust
If your going to have rough sex, it’s best you do it with someone you’re in a relationship with.

Asides from the fact that you want it to be as safe as possible, it is important you and your partner are comfortable while you engage in your desires and fantasies.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have it while you’re single, it just means it’s not advisable with a stranger who has no idea what your limits are.

Make A List
Before getting rough in the sack, try and go through some ground rules. The essence of this is to help the both of you find out what you’re comfortable with.

Details such as how hard you want to be spanked or how hard your hair should be pulled should be made clear. Make a list of the things that appeal to you regarding rough sex and remember to include who will be dominant and who will be subservient.

Take Your Time
It’s best to take it slow and build momentum. Start with simple techniques such as tying your partner’s hands with a scarf that will give your partner a feel of what it takes to submit and be free with you.

You can reverse roles by allowing your partner tie you to the bed or a chair. You should however ensure that whatever material you use restricts movement sufficiently but not to an extent where it draws pain.

The next step is to blindfold your partner. This can help to heighten sensations especially when used with candle wax and ice cubes. This can effectively stimulate erogenous zones in preparation for an awesome rough sex experience.

Increase The Tempo
Gauge the response of your partner before turning up the tempo. It’s best you allow your partner know how you’re feeling. If you want them to go deeper with the roughness, tell them by guiding them with your words.

You can have your partner go slow to fast and soft to hard, depending on how you’re feeling.

Be Natural
Asides getting consent and ensuring safety, be as natural as you can and avoid being too concerned with performing something you saw in a pornographic movie.

You or your partner may orgasm in time or take much longer. Whatever it is, remember that the reason why you took up the adventure in the first place is to enjoy yourself.



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