5 Signs You’re Taking Too Much Alcohol

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How much alcohol differentiates a social drinker from an alcoholic? This is one question a lot of people have pondered on without a specific answer.

A lot of people who drink large volumes of alcohol at a time do not qualify to be called alcoholics, a lot of people however fall into a category that lies between binge drinkers and social drinkers.

If you’re keen about finding out which category you fall into, read on and find out the signs that you’re consuming too much alcohol.

You Neglect Things
When you start taking too much alcohol, you’d realise that you begin to neglect important responsibilities just to have a drink.

You could be a dedicated father or worker but taking alcohol means you can no longer put your kids to bed like you usually do or you get to work looking rough and scruffy with a hangover.

When alcohol sits at the top of your priorities, it relegates other important daily responsibilities which puts you in a lot of danger.

You Take More Alcohol On Weekends
If you’re the type of person that doesn’t take alcoholic beverages daily but consume huge volumes by the weekend, you may need to watch it.

Research has shown that consuming about six to seven bottles of alcoholic beverages every week tends to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Abstaining all week and guzzling down five or six glasses in a single sitting will however have a negative effect and remove any potential health benefits.

Moreover, taking lots of alcohol can potentially raise your blood pressure and interfere with certain types of medications leading to undesirable effects.

You Become Reckless
If you are a shy person and you find yourself doing reckless things such as talking about a girl at the bar, you’ve certainly taken a bit too much alcohol. Alcohol has the capacity to lower inhibitions and it can come with repercussions that are far worse off than the feeling of embarrassment.

More so, consuming high volumes of alcohol can make you take risky decisions which may make your life take a turn for the worse. Research conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has shown that about 40 percent of fatal falls and car accidents, 60 percent of fatal burn injuries and drownings, and more than half of all sexual assaults in the US can be blamed on taking too much alcohol.

You Drink Unexpectedly
If you’ve ever told yourself you’re taking no more than one drink but find yourself taking up to four, you’re taking in too much.

One of the signs that you’re a potential alcoholic is that you do not know your limits or become surprised when you pass what you thought was your limits.

Health problems such as Like heart disease and diabetes develop slowly and so do drinking issues do too. That is why it is good for you to continually reevaluate your consumption by writing down how much alcohol you take in and the time you do so.

Doing this will make it easier for you to stop yourself when you begin to get out of control with binge drinking.

You Lose Your Memory Temporarily
Alcohol to do have different effects on different individuals. This is usually dependent on the genes you inherit and if you are taking any type of medications. It can also be dependent on the quantity of food you ate because food tends to slow down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Researchers however opine that drinking heavily can interfere with your memory because alcohol has the tendency to disrupt the chemical glutamate – a brain messenger linked to memory.

If you find yourself forgetting part of the night you went drinking and your friends had to remind you or you have no inkling how you got home, you’ve surely taken a little too much.

Your Friends And Family Are Concerned
If any of your colleagues, friends or family have hinted or told you explicitly that you’re drinking too much and they are worried about you, it is time to cut back.

To get yourself out of this logjam, you need to first recognize that you’re drinking more than you should and set some goals relating to reducing your intake.

When you’re going to a social event with a friend or partner, tell them before hand what your drinking limit will be, especially if it is an event where there will be unlimited alcohol. This will make it easier for you to stay off drinking too much because there’s someone holding you accountable.

Being scared of asking people if you’re drinking too much is a sign that you’re probably taking too much.



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