5 Mistakes Most Men Make With Their Boxers/Briefs

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Boxer briefs

For a lot of men, their boxers and briefs are a compulsory part of day to day dressing, even though very little pay attention to some salient details.

Underwear are basically not rocket science as it basically entails looking for a colour or pair which appeals to you and shelling out some money to buy them till you have to go through the experience in a couple of months.

A lot of us however make some mistakes when it comes to choosing the right boxers, wearing and maintaining them. Check out these five mistakes we bet you never knew you’re making regarding your briefs and the perfect solutions to each mistake.

You Select The Wrong Fabric

A lot of briefs come in packs of 6. Before you however go out to buy such, it’s best you check the materials from which the briefs were made.
You can obtain this information from the label of the materials. More so, underwear that is made from regular cotton underwear is usually light and breathable which makes them good for regular wear.
Microfiber underwear helps to absorb moisture and are good for casual, day-to-day wear. It’s best to stay off spandex because they have the tendency to trap sweat instead of absorbing and wicking it. This can cause offensive smells and infections on the long term.
Cotton briefs are perfect for wearing on hot days or situations that will require you to perspire a lot.

Your Choice Of Colour Is Wrong

If you must use a white underwear, you have to ensure you make use of bleach to maintain the colour because any type of white clothing easily shows stains.
You may want to consider going for dark coloured briefs such as black, gray and navy blue. These colours hide stains and take a longer time to fade off. They also don’t require you replace them as frequently as you would replace brighter colours.

You Wear Them For A Couple of Days Before Washing

One thing you probably never knew is that your briefs contain feaces and loads of bacteria! According to Philip Tierno, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Microbiology at New York University, the average pair of dirty male underwear contains between one-tenth and as much as one full gram of feaces on their surfaces.
Did I hear you say gross? Well, it actually is and wearing your boxers for more than once before washing will not only make you smelly but also increase the risk of infection and transmission of pathogenic bacteria.
The solution to this obviously is to wash you briefs and underwear after wearing them once. Also, washing with hot water after use can significantly eliminate all bacteria that detergents can’t destroy.

Your Drying Procedure Is Wrong

Using a washing machine and dryer can affect the elasticity of the material from which your briefs are made. The heat from the dryer can cause the elastic material to stretch beyond its limit making your boxers appear baggy and loose.
It’s best to sun dry. If you must make use of a dryer, ensure that you use a cool or delicate cycle instead of using high heat. This will be gentle on the fabric and make your underwear last longer.

Tight White Briefs

Tight white briefs were probably in vogue and a regular feature of the 90’s. They are however outdated for our time.
If you’re particular about wearing briefs that fit comfortably, you can opt to go for a boxer with a cotton blend which will provide the feel of the old tight white briefs and the flattering coziness of the modern day.



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