4 Things You Do That Annoy Your Boss

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4 things you do that annoy your boss

One of the perks of being a boss is being able to annoy your subordinates in an effort to make the organisation richer and stronger.

In a perfect world, your boss never has bad days but that unfortunately is not the case. Like every other human being, your boss will have mood swings and will get unnecessarily quirky and harsh at times. As such, it is important to know the things that trip them off in an effort to avoid them and have the best relationship possible with your boss at all times. Here are 4 things you do that annoy your boss

Deflecting Criticism

Everyone gets angry at one point or the other but instead of being overly sensitive to constructive criticism, it’s best for you to own up to your mistakes and let your boss know how to avoid similar things in the future.

Doing this will make your boss appreciate your effort and willingness in dealing with unfavorable outcomes. This will help your boss trust you more to handle issues irrespective of the situations you may face.

Beating Around The Bush

Whether you think your boss is handling less work in the office or not, chances are they are probably busy. It is important that when you request an audience with them relating to an information, question or problem, it’s best you make it as brisk as possible.

If you spend too much time beating around the bush, there’s a high chance that your boss will become impatient. If your boss gives you 10 minutes of their time, try to get to the point as soon as possible to avoid frustrating them.

Constantly Seeking Their Validation

If you’re an employee that is always running to management and your immediate superior to second guess a decision or seek confirmation before going ahead with a task, you’d probably be stoking the embers of annoyance in your boss.

Except you’re new to the job, you should have a good idea how your job goes and which of your colleagues can be of help first.

Bombarding your bosses with your assigned tasks can be annoying as they probably have more to do than you. If you can’t be trusted to take the initiative and get your job done, then why were you employed for the job in the first place?

Tagging Everything As “Urgent”
Barging in on your boss and telling him or her that you have to speak with them urgently about an issue more than once can pass you off as an annoying person.

Failing to distinguish between very important things and trivial things can set the tone for a confrontation between you and your boss.

Trivial issues that you can handle don’t need to be brought to the notice of your boss as they will probably see it as an inconvenience. It’s best to keep the real emergencies for their attention.

The fact is even the most professional and diligent people occasionally engage in behavior which can get their bosses annoyed. Take a personal assessment of yourself to determine if you’re guilty of any of the four offenses above.

Anyone that gets the job done with little complaints is appreciated but someone who achieves the same thing without causing trouble, frustration or stress for their supervisors and management is more appreciated as the ultimate team player.



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