4 Questions Suicide Squad Failed To Answer

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Suicide Squad is the movie of the moment and it has thrown up a lot of controversies ranging from positive to negative reviews. The movie is the third movie in the comic universe of DC and Warner Bros and is part of a larger puzzle.

The thing however is that the running time for Suicide Squad which is about two hours is not enough to squeeze in all the questions raised, especially given the fact that the movie has a large ensemble cast.

Moreover, a sequel might come in handy in answering the questions raised in this movie. Here are four questions, the movie left unanswered.

  1. How Much Does Amanda Waller Know?
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

In the final lines of the mid-credit scene, Amanda Waller throws a joke at Bruce Wayne. In the scene, Amanda Waller tells Bruce Wayne that he looks tired and suggests “stop working nights”. This appears to be a subtle way of passing on a message across to him that she knows he is Batman.

How or why she knows is never discussed. Bruce Wayne on his part takes in the information like he had known previously that his secret was out.

He however goes on to tell Amanda Waller to stop using the Suicide Squad because his friends (the Justice League) will take care of things from now on.

2. What’s The Significance Of Captain Boomerang’s Plush Doll?

Captain boomerang suicide squad
Captain Boomerang played Jai Courtney

Of all the villains turned heroes of the Suicide Squad movie, Captain Boomerang is the most goofy of them. He is a crude and jittery character who usually wants to get involved in a fight until his opponents outmatch him.

For reasons unexplained, Captain Boomerang carries a pink plush stuffed unicorn doll in his trenchcoat. The doll can only be seen when observed closely, but the movie implies that he has the doll tucked in between his chest and coat all the time.

During a serious fight with the spirits Enchantress raised, Captain Boomerang appears to lose the plush doll but once the fight is done, he can be seen picking it up and whispering into its ears.

The significance of the doll is something we hope will be explained if the movie ever has a sequel.

3.What Happened To GQ?

GQ suicide squad
Scott Eastwood as GQ

Legendary actor Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott plays a small but significant role in Suicide Squad. He plays the role of GQ, Rick Flagg’s lieutenant.

Towards the end of the movie, GQ finds himself in the sewers beneath the Squad and Incubus as they try to outdo each other. GQ attempts to plant a bomb beneath the feet of Incubus.

As it turns out, the bomb changes the tide of the battle but GQ was unfortunately few steps away from the bomb when it went off, which means he’s probably dead.

GQ may as well be alive because none of his pals mourn him, especially Rick Flagg, who he moved mountains for even to the stage of sacrificing his life.

He is an hero among villains and for that reason should be mourned and celebrated by Task force X. Or could it be no one thought it fit to mourn him because he’s still alive?

4. What Does Harley Really Want?

Hatley Quinn
Margot Robbie as Harley

Right before the villains turned heroes of Task Force X embarked on a final showdown with Enchantress, she filled the minds of all the members of the squad with visions which she claimed she could bring to reality.

Every member of the squad saw their personal wishes: Diablo back home with his wife and kids, Deadshot with his daughter and Rick Flagg embracing June Moone in bed. Harley on her part sees something different and frightening from what she’s used to. She sees Harleen Quinzel, her former self, living a happy, satisfied, and sane life as suburban mother. The Joker is her husband and he also looks perfectly sane in a business suit, preparing for work.

The suburban life she sees in her vision is what she wants even though she loves the Joker with their shared insanity. It appears she would be happier without the mental health issues. If there’s ever a sequel, perhaps Harley’s dream will come true.

There you go, have you seen the movie, do you have answers to any of these questions?



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