19-Year Old Kylie Jenner Buys Third Mansion

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Kylie Jenner Buys Third Mansion

Kylie Jenner Buys Third Mansion – Many 19-year olds are still coming to terms with becoming an adult and figuring their lives out. Kylie Jenner, however, is not one of them.

The reality TV star, social media maverick and all around business woman showed off her new mansion on her Snapchat recently, showing off an amazing kitchen and a big room with a fireplace. The mansion is Kylie’s 3rd, and comes just 3 months after she purchased the house right beside it for $6 million.

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According to TMZ, Kylie purchased the property which is located in the Hidden Hills, California, not to live in, but as a “work space” for her ever-growing cosmetics brand. The property, which cost $4.5 million, will also be home to her friends whenever they come from out of town.

Kylie however knows she can’t live in 3 places at one, and is reportedly trying to sell her first Calabasas home for $3.9 million.

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