Wiz Khalifa Talks Fashion And Why He Is Revamping His Sense Of Style

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wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is revamping his fashion as he wants his new sense of style to better portray him both as a man and as an artiste.

The 28-year-old disclosed during an interview he has been working with a personal stylist, Lauren Matos, for over a year and half as he wanted to upgrade his look to “something more tailored and mature.”

He said, “Before, I was more into streetwear, like a lot of Supreme and Palace when it was first dropping. Lauren really put me onto more high-end designers who can still get that streetwear look. I don’t want to look like a mannequin. I feel like when people start getting money, they start dressing weird.”

Listing his five fashion must-haves, Wiz Khalifa explained how each piece influences his fashion game.

wiz khalifa
Wiz Khalifa is uping his fashion style

Jeans – You can always catch me in a pair of Saint Laurent jeans. The black ones right now are my favorite, but I love white, too. I like to wear all white: white shirt, white hat, white jeans. It just looks awesome. I look like a little scoop of ice cream.

Shirt – I have a favorite style: I call them my party shirts. Nice button-ups, real silky, with crazy prints. I get them from all over. This look also started a year and a half ago, when I met Lauren. But I also want to graduate my style. I’m 28 years old, so you can’t dress like no little kid anymore.

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Jacket – I’ve been wearing this black bomber a lot. This is actually a custom jacket that my stylist, Lauren, got sent to me. As soon as I got with Lauren, she really put me onto the tailoring game and how to up my closet. We get a lot of stuff custom-made. I’m really skinny, so a lot of pieces, unless they’re from certain designers, they’re not built for my body.

Shoes – My favorite shoe right now is the Gucci loafer. I’ve got the slide style and the full loafer. I have brown, black and the ones with the fur on them, too. I’ve been wearing the all-around loafers more, but in L.A., I can wear whatever, because at nighttime it gets a little chilly, so I can wear the fur joints.

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Accessories – Being that I’m from the ’Burgh and a Steelers fan, I always rep Pittsburgh with black and yellow jewelry. I’ve been through that whole Rolex phase.

Khalifa is gearing for the release of his new album this fall as well as a July tour with Snoop Dogg. The father-of-one was raised in Pittsburgh but now lives in Los Angeles.

He also considers himself as a budding fashion icon and having his own style brand might be in the works of his future.

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